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Going through my old handstand stuff

You know why I love the handstand?

It’s a movement that gives you strength, balance and a party trick.

It’s also a teacher – it shows you where your body is out of whack so you can address it and move better.

Truthfully – it gives a lot and is an endless pursuit because there are always harder variations to keep you sucked into the process.

It’s like a hobby that keeps giving.

Branda and I were at Clear Water beach in Florida the other day and you know what?

You cant show off a deadlift or a bench press on the beach…

But people notice a handstand.

It’s a little bit wow factor and a little bit jealousy.

It’s well deserved because a handstand is EARNED.

You have to put in the work and it’s a movement that can’t be cheated.

Even the untrained eye can respect the skill and athleticism involved.


Even when you are learning it, the handstand moulds you and makes your body better. It pays you off before you can do the thing you’re training for.

Any way…

I told you all that to tell you this.

I am doing a limited print run on my old handstand book.

50 spiral bound copies only – first come first serve.

They will also be signed by yours truly.

This is just a heads up in case you’re a collector of these sorts of things.

If you want one before I put out the order link publicly – just email me and I’ll put a copy aside for you.

Get gritty, move greasy
Raymond Burton

Sad to leave Florida today

Well the vacation draws to an end.

Just the plane ride home to go. The mornings on vacation give you a lot of time to think.

Like I mentioned previously – I messed up my back doing some deck squats a few days back.

It wasn’t the deck squats fault – I jumped right into them tight and already pretty sore from a previous workout.

Sometimes my enthusiasm to move exceeds my body’s capacity to recover.

I don’t even think it was the deck squats to be honest. I think it was another exercise that I just added since I got here. One that I just added and have gone way to hard on.


Results were at a low…

That always sucks when you’re ripping along and your goals are within reach – then HIT THE BRAKES.

A wall.

Smack – right in the face.

You know what I mean. It happens to us all.

That’s when I realized the thing about training to master your body is that there is nothing to buy.

Which means when progress slows or you get an injury – there’s nowhere to go but in.

It puts the blame squarely back on you because you can’t just run off to the store and buy the latest supplement, set of lifting gloves, spinning pushup handles or other latest fad.

Buying stuff gives you that little moment of satisfaction – like you actually did something.

Makes you feel like you moved forward.


With nothing to buy to fix my back today, I moved in every movement pattern I could think of.

I went from not being able to stand up straight, to right as rain.

I’ll show you what fixed it in this months Burton Barbarians newsletter.

The building blocks of muscle are chisels for fat

My uncle said he was eating pasta and bread, maybe some salads – and working out.

Didn’t see any results he said.

I said, “You’re not really getting much protein….”

To which he ask, “What’s protein and how do I get it.”

And a new youtube video was born.

It’s up on youtube here:

Get gritty, move greasy
Raymond Burton

P.S. Are you satisfied with your body? Let me PROVE I can make you a new person in 15 minutes a day!

How To Get A Battle Ready Body That Men Respect And Women Admire

Can you pass this basic fitness test?

Before I got into the military I had no money in my pocket and was down to 1 apple and a couple pieces of bread.

I was out of shape and broke.

When I got the call to go to boot camp, the only training I could afford to do was with my bodyweight and I needed to get into fighting shape fast.

I was soft, couldn’t run and my endurance was terrible.

But this was my chance to become something.

I knew that very shortly someone was going to be yelling at me to do endless pushups and chin-ups and I was terrible at them.

What’s more, before any of that, I knew I had to pass the basic physical test of pushups, situps, step test, grip strength and a few more things before they’d even let me get on the bus to boot camp.

I couldn’t afford to fail. I was broke, away from home with nowhere to go.

This was my only opportunity to make a living, get some money and avoid becoming a homeless bum.

The biggest question was, “Where do I start?”

I had to avoid becoming a failure.

I had lifted weights before and I knew how to get big, strong muscles. But that wasn’t going to help me. That’s not what the army wanted – but it did give me the knowledge to start structuring a plan that would make me strong.

Now how did I master moving my body instead of weights?

That’s what the military wanted – people that could turn their bodies into machines that could do THINGS – not just lift weights.

Plus I couldn’t afford a gym membership – which was a blessing in disguise because I became the better for it.

On top of that I was taught to eat big and lift big to get big…

But that wasn’t going to work because big and soft is just expensive to feed and useless on the battlefield.

I needed to get more fit. I needed to get in better shape – battle shape.

AND.. The army wasn’t going to feed me protein supplements, put me in a gym all day just so they could have a meat head that could pick something heavy off the floor.

No Sir.

They wanted someone that could carry a rucksack (backpack) all day and not get tired.

Someone that could run fast or far without any warning or warm up.

Someone that could repeatedly get down to the ground and up, then over objects. To be able to pull their bodies up and jump down… all without injuring myself.

That’s what I need to train for and that’s the program I created for myself.

It worked.

I went on to win the most fit recruit in basic training for the Canadian military and then won most fit recruit in Battle School for the infantry.

All by just using my bodyweight to train with and eating regular amounts of real food while on a budget.

That’s it, that’s all.

If you don’t already own the program and the videos that show you how to do everything correctly, get it here now. You get access to download the program and videos immediately.

Battle Ready Body is a how a soldier burns fat, builds endurance, gets stronger and increases flexibility – all in one bodyweight workout done without equipment.

It’s the best way to get physically ready and easily pass military basic training, battle school and the physical entry tests for police, fire and paramedic.

This is how I did it and so can you.

You can’t do that he said – well sKrew that…  

…I said – and I didn’t listen.

Injuring your lower backs sucks… especially when you’re finally making progress where you’ve been previously stuck in a rut.

Especially when you injure yourself doing something you’ve done a million times… And you’re on vacation.

Basically my body gave me a heads up – “You’re a little tight today,” he said. “You can’t do that until you warm up more…”

I said, “sKrew that…”

And here I am… but I know to focus on what you CAN do and not what you can’t.

I know that movement is medicine and sometimes medicine tastes bad… and sometimes the worst tasting stuff is the stuff that heals.

What’s this got to do with you?

I did a couple exercises I learned from some gymnasts and resettled my spine, the muscles have calmed down and in todays workout I will concentrate on moving through space easily instead of hammering some of the harder skills I want to master.

You need to know how to adapt and continually move forward.

Don’t get discouraged when something apparently bad happens…

Do what you CAN – and forget what you CAN’T.

The CAN’T will come 🙂

Sometimes you just need someone to show you how to side step in the little dance of forward progression.

There are a lot of membership sites out there that offer a ton of info – that’s not what you need.

What you need is to be able to get answers to solving the problems YOU face, and get them without having to do all the leg work that wastes time and causes frustration…

Which causes you to throw your hands up in the air and quit.

That’s where I come in.

I offer you a bunch of free resources – These are the systems used to fix the most frequently asked questions I get. Things like losing weight, building muscle, increasing flexibility…

Nothing shocking there –

But inside each of these areas – there’s a million questions.

These are the small things that keep you from getting what you want.


When I solve a problem – I systemize it into an easy to follow plan for you. You use the plan and get the result.


So inside the membership area right now you get the:

“How To Lose Belly Fat” program with it’s routines and exercise demo videos – all of which you can do at home.

“The Commando Cardio Program” a full on gymless routine to increase strength, flexibility and power while burning off pounds of fat and building muscle.

“The 22 Weight Loss Hacks” program that gives you a full program and eating method to lose weight without turning into a fitness crazed lunatic. This is the most simplest, easy to implement program I have ever created for losing weight fast and it can all be done at home – also works for vegetarians.

Also – The Weekly Burtons Basement Barbarians instructional emails that are “Top Secret” – no one else gets to see these but you chosen ones. Only Burtons Barbarians get to see them.

AND – Personal email access to me. You ask anything and I’ll give you answers to set you up for success.

Special “members only” discounts on new Burton products and releases. You’ll know about anything new before anyone else and you’ll get it at a discount.

It really is the bee’s knees – and you can get all the honey here:

Get Gritty, Move Greasy
Raymond Burton

P.S. If you take anything from this email it’s this – focus on what you CAN do, not what you CANT. If you don’t have the money to join the membership site now, keep doing SOMETHING – you’ll be miles ahead of those on the couch.

Trapped… Trapped… Trapped….

Disney World is a melting pot of emotions that pour out when the body is getting pummeled by heat, humidity, swollen limbs, tired legs and sunburns.

Crowds push in and movement becomes restricted…


… and all I want to do is RUN!

To break the hobbled short stepping of lines and crowds and strollers…

– and squat, jump, stretch my arms out and yell “SWOOSH!” while making invisible snow laces across the sidewalk as I sing “Let it go!” from frozen – at the top of my lungs.

IT’s a test – Every year when Disney comes around it’s a test for me. How has my training helped me live?

Am I looser? Can I go all day without being tired? Can I go to sleep at the end of the day without throbbing legs?

These are the goals because life is more enjoyable without pain.

But for the pains I am also thankful because I see a lot of large people in scooters and a lot of people with metal limbs or limbs that just hang and don’t work.

Anyway – this year I discovered that increasing your numbers on a barbell squat mean nothing if you can’t get out of a chair and immediately run.

Deadlift numbers mean nothing if you cant run up stairs with cat-like power and speed… not to those of us that want our bodies to be vehicles of joy and expression and not simply symbols of specific strength confined to a gym.

Hey – we might not be 20 years old any more and stuff is going to get a little dinged if we have fun with these machines we are in – but let’s not just chuck our speed machines into the junk pile and decided to only watch others drive and have all the fun.

Get gritty in the mind and loose in the body because life is easy when you live it hard and hard when you seek comfort.

What I’m saying is train hard yes… so you can let the good times roll.

This month I’ve added the Commando Cardio program to the Basement Barbarian membership bonuses so you can move better, get stronger and look better – any place and any time.

When you get older and start to have money – you want to have a body that can take you where the fun is.

I’ll help you every step of the way in the Basement Barbarians Club.

Right now the sales page for it sucks. Let’s face it, I’m a better trainer than salesman.

All you need to know is that all the videos/info you need are in there –

But that’s not all (like the slap chop commercial)

You want answers NOW.

… for the next 11 people, I will personally take you under my wing and answer all questions and give you answers to achieve your goals.

So you don’t have to hunt around and figure stuff out – just do.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, or holding you up, or whatever it is that’s got you locked – I’m only an email away.

But I can’t be there for more than 11 people right now.

You can do it.

Become a member here:

Focus only on what’s important,
Raymond Burton

For The Record: Matt Furey

20 years ago, I was fresh out of the military looking for a job as a personal trainer.

I did weights and calisthenics to keep in shape, so that’s what I taught my personal training clients too.

Then I got into the competitive bodybuilding scene and lost my way. It became about muscles and not performance.

I hurt, ached and tore a bicep as well.

Luckily, due to a shortage of cash I had to take on teaching some cardio classes and my “man ego” had to make the cardio classes as manly as possible – so I called it Commando Cardio.

After a few months of burpees, chins, pushups, bodyweight squats and jumping jacks I needed more variety for my classes.

That’s when I found Matt Furey. I gobbled up everything he taught in Combat Conditioning.

You know why?

Because even though I was in shape muscularly and cardio wise, I lacked flexibility and I wanted that back bridge amongst a few other cool moves I saw out there.

I realized I didn’t have the full package and he did.

As a trainer, he was also living the lifestyle I wanted. So he became my teacher without accepting me as a student.

I’m saying all this because it’s been in the back of my mind lately that a lot of what I know – I learned from Matt Furey and sometimes people talk crap about him.

He’s just often ahead of the curve… but you won’t know that until you get to the level where you can look back and understand what’s really happening. In several areas.

It’s also been a thorn in my brain that I’m copying Matt Furey too much without directly addressing the fact that I learned so much from him while ALSO trying to teach what I’ve learned as well.

It’s new territory that’s 20 years in the making for me; to learn from great teachers, but then try to be a teacher yourself, without being disrespectful to the source.

Honestly, I’m still learning from Matt Furey and will probably even join his fitness membership site shortly.

Why? Because I’ve learned a lot from him over 20 years just from Combat Conditioning and his stretching DVDs – but he still seems to know things that I don’t and as a fan, advocate, geek and practitioner of health and fitness, you can’t ignore good information when it is so accessible in this day and age from a teacher like him.

I still do royal court every morning.

Seriously, if you look at him now, he still moves better than me and can do things I can’t do (yet) and he’s got 10 years of battle scars over me.

That is proof – when you look at a teacher, and they are shining examples of what their teachings provide – you have found gold.

Matt moves like a tiger, he is supple, smooth, fast, strong and graceful. He is also calm, of powerful mind and focused.

THAT is a teacher.


I have confessed my sins at the alter of physical movement.

I hope I have made it clear that I have learned as much as I can and will continue to learn from Matt Furey. Combat Conditioning was around before Commando Cardio. They are not the same but I’ve followed in the steps of Matt without him knowing for almost 20 years and have tried to emulate him because of his ability and expertise.

This is a public thank you and acknowledgment to one of the biggest teachers in my fitness education.

Guns and roses knew a little secret to getting it done

See, old Axel Rose had the secret in his appetite for destruction…
He knew a little fella named Mr Brownstone…
Sang a little song about him.
What’s that got to do with you?
Well Axels song is about heroine but it could just as easily apply to a solid workout routine.
Look here:
I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do it
So the little got more and more
I just keep tryna get a little better
Said the little better than before
I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do it
So the little got more and more
I just keep tryna get a little better
Said the little better than before
End of that bit…
Now what happens when a fella does a crap ton right away – either heroine or working out?
He messes himself up but REAL good.
What I’m saying is…
Don’t beat the crap out of yourself during your workouts.
Do enough to get energized and put some new demands on the muscles… then stop.
A hammer puts a nail in the wood. But once the nail is in, you don’t keep mashing the crap out of the wood by keeping on banging!
The job is done.
Move on.
It could take 5 minutes or 60 – that’s up to you.
See how it’s done here in this month’s Basement Barbarians newsletter – and as a bonus, I’m throwing in the full Commando Cardio program and videos for new members for free.
It’s only the first of the free programs I’m adding monthly  – each of which I sell separately for at least $47 – but for new members of the Basement Barbarians Club, it is all free.

FYI – you can’t get in the membership site right now though. It will take a couple days for my payment provider to approve the new price.
Get Gritty, Move Greasy
Raymond Burton

Babies and dads know how to eliminate shoulder pain

Babies and dads know how to eliminate shoulder pain – here’s how I know…

The other day I was watching a dad and a baby having a moment at the local playground.

I like to go there sometimes to get a workout in while getting some free vitamin D.

The little one was more of a toddler I guess. I don’t know ages that well since I don’t have any kids of my own.


It occurred to me that toddlers and dads know more than most of the trainers out there about how to eliminate shoulder pain – not only that but also…

Knee pain.

Dads shoulder press babies out to the front, elbows tucked in.

Toddlers squat full and deep, knees far out in front of the toes.

These are things that you DON’T see in the weight room because sophisticated trainer types feel they know better than the human body when it comes to how it should move.


Now that I’ve been trainer people for over 20 years, I realize my arrogance.

Arrogance about how I would know how to move better than yoga would tell me – a thousand year old study in movement.


That I would know how to squat according to my personal training manuals and that thousands of years of programming put into the genetics of a baby… that I would know how to squat better – knees behind toes, weight in the heels, only go to parallel…

Well that leads to a lot of pain eventually.

But it’s reversible.

Anyway, you can learn this all yourself if you watch animals, babies, dads and moms playing with kids…

The lessons are there.

They are also in the Commando Cardio program on the website at

Get gritty, move greasy

8 Things every man should be able to do…

“Every man should be able to save his own life.”

That’s what I read going over my “History Of Fitness” books this morning.

Every once in a while I crave lifting heavy and being a super bodybuilder again…

Then I read things like this from the past…

“He should be able to swim far enough, run fast and long enough to save his life in case of emergency and necessity.

He also should be able to chin himself a reasonable number of times, as well as to dip a number of times, and he should be able to jump a reasonable height and distance.”

Such simple requirements. But can you do them?

They don’t require a gym membership or long hours of training to acquire. They make you feel better instead of beating you down and you can practice them every day if you want to.

I just thought that this was important information to share with you.

This as well…

Last night I was ordering pizza (yes I was) and I saw the Mille-feuille. It’s my go to desert. But then I thought about my ability to chin, jump, run…

And I remembered what else I read in my history lesson…

“If a man is of the fat, porpoise type, naturally he cannot do all, if any, of these things; he has nobody to blame but himself, and his way of living that has brought his body into its condition of obesity.

It has happened many times that there should be a fire at sea or on lake or river; should one be half a mile or more from the shore, he would be mighty thankful to realize, were he compelled to jump for his life from the fire, that he could swim that distance and reach the shore in safety.

Suppose one were in a burning building and he had to lower himself hand under hand down a rope or down an improvised rope of bedclothing tied together to reach the ground in safety; he again would be thankful a thousand times that he possessed the strength and endurance in his arms and coordinate muscles that would enable him to save himself. Such things never may happen, and let us hope they do not; but what has happened always is possible to occur again and, in fact, always is happening to some one.”

You never realize how important basic life skills are until you need to call on them.

And that’s why when the urge to go back to my weight room, bodybuilding days pulls at me, I ask myself…

“How high and far can you jump? Can you pull yourself up over a ledge to save your life?”

Now that’s important training.

I MUST be able to be good at those before I consider putting time and money into feeding showy muscles.

And that’s why I created Commando Cardio and the monthly Basement Barbarian club.

Get gritty,
Raymond Burton