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How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost In Calgary?

Hi, I’m Raymond Burton and I’m going to answer the question of how much does a personal trainer cost in Calgary. These prices will be in Canadian dollars and are current as of January 2020.
Ray Burton On Personal Trainer Cost Calgary
First, I will talk about the different kinds of sessions and styles of personal training and break down the prices for each.

The Cost Of Personal Training One-On-One

Here I’m talking about one-on-one private personal training at a brand name gym in Calgary. This would be the typical session you usually buy in packages at Golds, World Health, Goodlife or Anytime Fitness.
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What Diet Is Best For Six Pack Abs – How Many Calories Should You Eat?

There are diets for health and muscle gain but what diet is best for six pack abs? That’s what I will answer in this post. The information is based on my personal experience and an averaging of the advice from other bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts that have found what works for them.

Sometimes this game of fitness can get downright frustrating. You do your best, usually more than the average bear if you have been at it for a while, but you still don’t see your 6 pack.

If you do get into amazing shape, you can only make it last for a couple weeks.

This happened to me after my last bodybuilding contest. I was in great shape on stage and then had to watch most of it slip away as I returned to the land of normal eating and once-a-day workouts.

Obviously you can’t hold contest condition all year but it would be nice to stay relatively close, especially for me being a fitness trainer and all.
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How Much Sleep Do You Need For Muscle Growth?

dark empty bed for optimum sleep and muscle growth

What’s the low down on sleep and muscle growth? When I google how much sleep do you need for optimal muscle building, I end up getting the same 7-9 hour window suggestion as everyone else. I’m also frequently asked is 6 hours of sleep enough to build muscle? To which I answer, “No. 6 hours is not enough sleep to grow muscle.” I put the resource link below the article. Also you can watch this article via youtube directly or embedded below:

The study is concerned with mental capacity due to lack of sleep but the body works as a whole so I take the personal liberty of assuming if one system starts to fail due to lack of sleep, then the others can be operating at optimal levels either.

If you don’t get a full 7-9 hours sleep, can you make up for it with naps? Mostly, and I’ve included a YouTube audio to help you sleep at the end of the article.
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Can You Build Muscle On A Bro Split While Natural Bodybuilding?

Please do not go into this bro split for natural bodybuilding until you have spent at least 3-4 months doing the other routines like the full body 3 days/week.
Lifting heavy on a natural bodybuilding bro split
You will only over-train and burn out. This is a very advanced routine that must be built up to.  Having said that, here is my favourite intense and awesome results producing natural bodybuilding bro split workout!

First, let’s answer the big question. Can you build muscle on a bro split? YES. Of course you can or hundreds of thousands of bodybuilders would not be still doing it. Experience says yes.
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How Much Should I Eat To Build Muscle? My Muscle Building Meal Plan

When I’m asked how much should I eat to build muscle I answer with what follows and how I ate for the 15 years I chased bodybuilding and muscle mass.

what to eat to build muscle is a lot of milk
I’m aware times change and that eating for gaining muscle is different than eating to get ripped or for pure health. I am also not a nutritionist. I am a personal trainer and deal with exercise.

So what I share here on eating to build muscle is what I did and do, when I need to build more muscle. I wanted to go from 126 pounds to over 200 pounds, no matter what so I could play football. You, should talk to your doctor about how to eat as I am not qualified to do so.

My quick answer to how much should I eat to build muscle is – A LOT. Start at 14 calories per pound of bodyweight and adjust up by 300-500 calories/day and stay with each bump for a week. Then bump again for a week and keep doing it until the scale starts to move.

The number of calories it takes to build muscle is different for each person and it will probably be between 16-20 calories per pound of bodyweight depending on your activity level and metabolism. Starting at 14 calories per pound of bodyweight gets you in the game and ramping up to the actual amount which will be a challenge for most people to eat all of it.
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How Many Reps For Muscle Mass And How Many Sets For Mass?

Big man how many reps for muscle massToday I’m going to do a deep dive into how many reps for muscle mass and also how many sets for mass. It’s the sets question that is the most open to debate.

Quick Answer For How Many Reps For Muscle Mass: in order to make our muscles bigger (muscle mass), we need to use a weight that is not only heavy, but also one that we can lift for a high number of reps. My rep recommendation is 67%-85% of 1 RM for 6-12 reps is the starting guideline for muscle hypertrophy.
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How To Make 6 Pack Abs In 1 Month At Home

Hi, I’m Raymond Burton and this is my tutorial on how to make 6 pack abs in 1 month at home. We’ll cover the whole deal in this article and it will be quite long and in depth. At last writing it was 11,000+ words long and growing but I will also make it a downloadable PDF.

how to make 6 pack abs in month model in pool

For some reason there is a misconception that there is something special that you do different from regular training in order to get a six-pack.

The truth of the matter is that developing a six pack comes back to the same information that we have heard before. You need to train your whole body, and eat properly in order to reduce your body fat so that your abdominals become visible. But here is the fastest route I know…

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