3 Best Functional Exercises To Get You Out Of The Hurt Locker

The 3 best functional exercises to pack functional muscle onto your legs, chest and back that you’ve never seen before (and how to do them at home without equipment to get you out of the hurt locker).

Here is a video version of this “3 Best Functional Exercises” article:

The squat is functional if you’re doing it right and bent over rows and chins and all that stuff is functional… if you’re doing those 3 exercises right.

I don’t know about bench press. I’m having a hard time justifying bench press these days. Other than just raw pressing power. Because you could have a really good bench and then get on your back and slightly out of groove doing jiu jitsu or bouncing and you grab a guy off at a weird angle and easily tear a pec or a bicep.

But I don’t find that’s the same with these next exercises i’m going to talk about.
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On Pain, Mobility and Flexibility

joke about the hype in fitness
Spiderman Is Sick Of the Hype

#1 exercise that eliminates joint & back pain, de-stresses your body & makes you feel younger?

Oh…. here we go with the razzle dazzle…

It’s 5:04 am.

One hour ago I pressed send on an email I thought was helpful – to you.

I wanted to show you the new bodyweight workout I was pumped about.

I’ve just started jiujitsu again and have realized my weight training hasn’t helped very much at all.

If anything it’s MESSED ME UP!

At 45, I’m not moving very smoothly or painlessly despite being strong.
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