7 Specific And Actionable Tips For Losing Fat That You Can Use Right Now

Welcome to the first part of my fat loss “ULTRA Quick-Start” guide. This guide is 7 specific tips, tricks and secrets to get you jump started FAST so you can lose fat and get in the best shape of your life. This quick-results mini guide is intended for everyone who needs to get up to speed as quickly as possible! Let’s get started.

In the next few articles after this one, I will share with you more details on my personal experiences with why these tips work and how to implement them easily.

For now, here are just the facts on the 7 specific tips and tricks to jump start your fat loss!

1 – Resistance Makes You Stronger And Hotter. Both metabolism and appearance wise. Resistance training is not only going to help you burn calories while you are doing the actual act of training but also when you are not due to increased muscle mass consuming calories to maintain itself.

Resistance training can be done many ways but as long as you push a muscle outside its comfort zone, then mission accomplished. This means you can either train at home or anywhere using only your body weight or you can pay for a gym membership and workout there.

Generally speaking, body weight is great if you value flexibility, handling your body in any circumstance easily and do not want time, money or location restrictions on your training.

Training at the gym is better if you want camaraderie, to use machines because you don’t want to learn proper exercise form or are interested in the sport of weight lifting and developing maximum strength against external objects. It is also great if you do not want to do your cardio outdoors and want a variety of cardio machines instead of simple fast paced training.

2 – Cardio Helps You Burn More Total Calories. Cardio specifically is not magic for weight loss but it is a less intense way to get your total calorie expenditure higher so you create a calorie deficit over all. Generally speaking, cardio is pushed as the proper way to get your heart healthy through elevating your heart rate and a great way to burn weight off.

In reality, fast paced weight training does both these things with additional benefits far and beyond what simple cardio can provide.

What cardio DOES have to offer is a less intense way to burn some extra calories when done in the traditional steady state model. You can not weight train intensely as frequently as you could jog and so cardio can be put in for an extra burn. Cardio in the form of intervals and specific sport related activities like sprinting is a different matter. The benefits of that kind of training are many fold including increased speed, agility, power and recovery ability.

3 – Low Fat Is The Key. Low carb puts you into Ketosis, which is a state your body goes into when carbohydrate stores are low and energy is needed. Your body converts fat stores into energy. While this sounds great and is the basis of many new low carb diets, I have found that high fat is not the way to go.

While it does work, I have found with my clients that when they eat low fat but include lots of complex carbs, fruits and colorful vegetables mostly in a raw state, they have better results. The extra nutrition found in the plant based foods makes the system run better overall, then consuming more fat and less carbohydrate in the effort to reach ketosis.

Cravings are almost non existent, energy levels are higher, recovery is quicker and the skin and general look of health is higher.

4 – High Fibre Is The S#$t. Even though fibre is not digested, it is essential for good health. Fibre can pull water from the body, into the intestines and help keep things moving for proper elimination. The fibre scrubs through your intestines picking up chemicals that may contribute to cancer. When you don’t get enough fibre, then all that garbage stays in there leaving you open to a host of constipation based diseases.

Fibre also gives you a feeling of fullness which keeps you from consuming too many calories leading to weight gain.

5 – Drink Lots Of Water. The estimate is that 75 percent of North Americans are dehydrated the majority of the time. The odds are not in your favour on this one. We need, as a minimum, 8 glasses of pure, non flavoured water, each and every day.
Almost everything in the body including digestion, chemical reactions, circulation and nutrient absorption happens in water. As stated above, there is a 75 percent chance you don’t even have the basics of life happening properly right now. Never mind having your body optimized towards weight loss.

Add to this the fact that sugar, caffeine and certain medications make you excrete water a faster rate than normal and that means you need even more than the minimum eight glasses. So are you operating even close to 100 percent?

6 – Recovery Is More Important Than You Think. Without proper rest and recovery, chronic aches and pains, lack of motivation and injuries are only a matter of time.
When you do give yourself the proper recovery time though, you will get faster, leaner and stronger with less aches and pains while actually looking forward to activity.

Getting 8 hours of sleep and 24 hours off between training the same muscle group is not the only important aspect of recovery. You body needs to replenish sugar, salt, and water in the amounts previously mentioned.

Rest and recovery is a science but the quick and dirty version is eat a lot of fruits and vegetables while getting your required sleep and proper hydration. Follow that and it will all be good.

7 – A Big Reason Why. Nothing gets done without effort. But most people don’t like effort.

The truth though is that effort is fine. It’s effort on things we hate that sucks.
Most people can get up at 4 in the morning to leave on a vacation. But 4 AM for work, not so much. Effort on something we do not see a point behind or something we do not like – is the worst.

When you have a solid reason why, things get done. You go to work. Why? Feeding yourself is enough of a reason why. You go on a vacation. Why? Because it’s fun. You do things based on a reason why that means something to you.

Nail a big reason why, and fitting your workouts in will be a done deal. If you have a hard time getting yourself to do something, it’s because either you do not have a big enough reason why, or something else has a bigger reason why. And you would rather be doing that.

I hope you find this helpful and it is my sincere desire that something I’ve shared with you helps you become more of what you want to be.

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All the best,
Raymond Burton

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