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Weight Lifting Tip: One of the biggest misconceptions about weight training is that there is "one" program that works for someone all the time. People think that they need to get on a particular weight lifting program and just keeping doing that program over and over again. Although getting on a good weight training program IS a necessary first step, ensuring that your body doesn't adapt to that program is a critical tip to ensuring that your results don't slow down or stop!

In order to maintain the effectiveness of your weight lifting workouts over the long term, you have to employ a concept known as cross training or other methods to vary your routine.

Weight Lifting Tip: The weight training log.

Ultimately the idea behind a weight training log is to be able to monitor your progress from workout to workout, improving a little with each session. Psychology has proven that positive reinforcement helps to improve your work ethic. One of the best things that arise from keeping a weight training log is the ability to chart your progress. Even sea captains use maps and you wouldn't drive somewhere you haven't been without a map. So by keeping a weight lifting journal you should be able to see your progress. Watching your self improve in the mirror is often too slow; having it in front of you in black and white is undeniable proof of your progress, boosting your confidence and self esteem.

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