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For over 20 years, Raymond Burton has been a notoriously successful personal trainer, fitness consultant, and mentor to thousands of men and women looking to break away from the pack and start creating the body they’ve always wanted.

His first book, “How To Get Started Working Out”, taught those new to the gym how to go from couch potato to beach superstar in 3 months. His breakthrough book “Commando Cardio” is a must-read for everyone in the military, fire, or police (or wanting to be).

And “Just The Facts”, his blog at www.RaymondBurton.com, has been providing insider advice, tactics and advice since 2002. For free.

This latest series of books (The Fit Over 40 Essential Toolkit”) organizes the vast archives at the blog into clear categories, bringing the best stuff straight to you in an easy-to-read format. No more searching through the years for the specific mass building advice Ray writes about – it’s all right here in one tidy package.

Raymond Burton’s first fitness book is a collection of time tested techniques aimed at getting your training to produce results with the real secrets of getting in shape that no one talks about. A quick peek at the Table Of Contents will give you a good idea of where thousands of fitness seekers have gone wrong and how they fixed it. It’s far too common to burn out, to fail, to struggle endlessly as a beginner…

… when a few simple insider pieces of advice can quickly move you into a smooth groove where pain free muscles and a sexy physique can be achieved with an honest effort.

This is the kind of life-changing advice you can only hear from an in-the-trenches professional with decades of experience to share. Ray’s unique formula, throughout his career, was to make every mistake possible (because he was always pushing boundaries)… find out what went wrong, and fix it by learning his lesson, discover new resources, develop new skills, whatever it took…

… and then get back into the gym (or basement squat rack) to do it successfully.

There’s no theory here. It’s all hard-won lessons and advice that comes from the reality of pushing and pulling iron in the real world… where people aren’t always who they say they are on Instagram, where promises are rarely kept, where the way muscles are actually built is counter-intuitive and must be learned.

Lifters who try to do everything themselves, alone and without the advice of a wise veteran… are too often doomed to failure. There are just too many moving parts when it comes to getting bigger, faster and stronger. You need mentors, and serious help navigating the many new challenges you will constantly face.

That’s where Raymond comes in.

This website, and the entire fitness over 40 series, is an organized quick read that is crammed with essential advice, tactics and strategies used by the best trainers alive to put on muscle fast.

Here is the advice you’ve always craved, from an experienced, caring mentor who’s seen it all, been around the block a few times, and is willing to share it all with you.

If you are short on money, get in shape by following the full FREE step-by-step tutorial on getting in shape here.

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