Babies and dads know how to eliminate shoulder pain

Babies and dads know how to eliminate shoulder pain – here’s how I know…

The other day I was watching a dad and a baby having a moment at the local playground.

I like to go there sometimes to get a workout in while getting some free vitamin D.

The little one was more of a toddler I guess. I don’t know ages that well since I don’t have any kids of my own.


It occurred to me that toddlers and dads know more than most of the trainers out there about how to eliminate shoulder pain – not only that but also…

Knee pain.

Dads shoulder press babies out to the front, elbows tucked in.

Toddlers squat full and deep, knees far out in front of the toes.

These are things that you DON’T see in the weight room because sophisticated trainer types feel they know better than the human body when it comes to how it should move.


Now that I’ve been trainer people for over 20 years, I realize my arrogance.

Arrogance about how I would know how to move better than yoga would tell me – a thousand year old study in movement.


That I would know how to squat according to my personal training manuals and that thousands of years of programming put into the genetics of a baby… that I would know how to squat better – knees behind toes, weight in the heels, only go to parallel…

Well that leads to a lot of pain eventually.

But it’s reversible.

Anyway, you can learn this all yourself if you watch animals, babies, dads and moms playing with kids…

The lessons are there.

They are also in the Commando Cardio program on the website at

Get gritty, move greasy

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