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Health is the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and social challenges throughout life. As defined by the World Health Organization, health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This is what I’ve learned about healthy living.

Babies and dads know how to eliminate shoulder pain

Babies and dads know how to eliminate shoulder pain – here’s how I know…

The other day I was watching a dad and a baby having a moment at the local playground.

I like to go there sometimes to get a workout in while getting some free vitamin D.

The little one was more of a toddler I guess. I don’t know ages that well since I don’t have any kids of my own.


It occurred to me that toddlers and dads know more than most of the trainers out there about how to eliminate shoulder pain – not only that but also…

Knee pain.

Dads shoulder press babies out to the front, elbows tucked in.

Toddlers squat full and deep, knees far out in front of the toes.

These are things that you DON’T see in the weight room because sophisticated trainer types feel they know better than the human body when it comes to how it should move.


Now that I’ve been trainer people for over 20 years, I realize my arrogance.

Arrogance about how I would know how to move better than yoga would tell me – a thousand year old study in movement.


That I would know how to squat according to my personal training manuals and that thousands of years of programming put into the genetics of a baby… that I would know how to squat better – knees behind toes, weight in the heels, only go to parallel…

Well that leads to a lot of pain eventually.

But it’s reversible.

Anyway, you can learn this all yourself if you watch animals, babies, dads and moms playing with kids…

The lessons are there.

They are also in the Commando Cardio program on the website at

Get gritty, move greasy

8 Things every man should be able to do…

“Every man should be able to save his own life.”

That’s what I read going over my “History Of Fitness” books this morning.

Every once in a while I crave lifting heavy and being a super bodybuilder again…

Then I read things like this from the past…

“He should be able to swim far enough, run fast and long enough to save his life in case of emergency and necessity.

He also should be able to chin himself a reasonable number of times, as well as to dip a number of times, and he should be able to jump a reasonable height and distance.”

Such simple requirements. But can you do them?

They don’t require a gym membership or long hours of training to acquire. They make you feel better instead of beating you down and you can practice them every day if you want to.

I just thought that this was important information to share with you.

This as well…

Last night I was ordering pizza (yes I was) and I saw the Mille-feuille. It’s my go to desert. But then I thought about my ability to chin, jump, run…

And I remembered what else I read in my history lesson…

“If a man is of the fat, porpoise type, naturally he cannot do all, if any, of these things; he has nobody to blame but himself, and his way of living that has brought his body into its condition of obesity.

It has happened many times that there should be a fire at sea or on lake or river; should one be half a mile or more from the shore, he would be mighty thankful to realize, were he compelled to jump for his life from the fire, that he could swim that distance and reach the shore in safety.

Suppose one were in a burning building and he had to lower himself hand under hand down a rope or down an improvised rope of bedclothing tied together to reach the ground in safety; he again would be thankful a thousand times that he possessed the strength and endurance in his arms and coordinate muscles that would enable him to save himself. Such things never may happen, and let us hope they do not; but what has happened always is possible to occur again and, in fact, always is happening to some one.”

You never realize how important basic life skills are until you need to call on them.

And that’s why when the urge to go back to my weight room, bodybuilding days pulls at me, I ask myself…

“How high and far can you jump? Can you pull yourself up over a ledge to save your life?”

Now that’s important training.

I MUST be able to be good at those before I consider putting time and money into feeding showy muscles.

And that’s why I created Commando Cardio and the monthly Basement Barbarian club.

Get gritty,
Raymond Burton

The young guys are strong without trying but….

That doesn’t mean us older guys can’t get stronger.

Especially where it matters most.

The stuff that can save your life. Stuff like:
being able to sprint
Pulling yourself up over something
Jumping up onto an elevated surface about waist height
Getting down to the ground

When I was in the army it showed me what really mattered as goals for survival. Sure, maybe you need to pick up the rear end of a truck some day… but more often, you need to jump over a creek or puddle.

That’s what I’m doing. Ow with commando cardio and the basement barbarian club. Creating a monthly resource where you train for life extension and quality.

Strong, fast, lean and flexible… with the go power to drop the hammer all day.

If you haven’t tried commando yet, check it out:

Get gritty my friend,

Keeping the reservation

Keeping the reservation

You ever see the Seinfeld episode about the car rental?

He shows up having already called in a reservation.

There’s no car for him.

The lady behind the counter says, “We have your reservation but we ran out of cars.”

Jerry says something to the effect of, “You know how to TAKE the reservation but you don’t know how to HOLD the reservation… and that’s really the most important part.”

Well that’s a lot like fitness and nutrition. People seem to KNOW how to do a lot of these things but they just never DO the things required to increase strength, endurance and flexibility.

They don’t DO the simple actions to get in fantastic shape.

Maybe the trip to the gym or the cost that gets in the way…

If that’s the case, check out my Commando Cardio bodyweight bodybuilding routine.

It can be done at home and costs less than one of my personal training sessions.

It’s right here:

Be gritty,

Why I Don’t Do The Gym

So you want to be “the man” (or woman)eh?

Wanna be numero uno?

The big dawg?

Then let me tell you about this jail yard cat…

It’s a story from a father in prison to his son. It was actually a series of letters of fatherly wisdom and about how the world works.

In this letter the father spoke about a mangy jail yard cat that all the other prisoners hated.

The father talked about how every day the cat would stalk the yard looking for mice. When it found one it would play with it.

It would bat it around. Pin it. Let it go. Nip it, then smack it around some more… and do this for as long as toying with the mouse pleased him.

This is the dark side of power.

You either have power in a situation or you don’t.

One of the easiest ways to lose power is to lose your physical ability.

And guess what?

You need to do training that doesn’t drain you, that challenges you, that makes you stronger, more flexible, muscular and leaner… without injury.

You need to be able to turn on POWER when the cat comes for you.

How do you do that?

Well, when I trained bodybuilding style at the gym… I had injuries all the time.

What’s the point of that?

Going to the gym to gain strength, flexibility and power only to end up hurt and incapacitated?

Not to mention the time wasted travelling there… and the cost… and the annoying people.


Those are some of the reasons I don’t do the gym any more.

To see what I do instead to build, strengthen, apply, practice, and get results from my ability to own my power, check the Commando Cardio program.

It’s only expensive if you look at it as a cost and not an investment.

If you’re the former, that’s your first road block.

(Thinking of skills that can make you powerful as costs and not investments.)

If you’re the latter, then here’s the link:

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast For Men

Today I’m going to outline how to lose belly fat fast, especially for men.

There’s a big problem out there for guys trying to drop a few pounds and get a lean muscular body. Actually, there are 7 BIG PROBLEMS. But they are easy to fix and you’re about to discover how.

On a recent vacation, I realized how simple losing 8-10 pounds in a month can be. You just need it laid out step-by-step to cut through the confusion out there. So that’s what I’ll do for you.

Have you ever wondered, “Does a regular guy wanting to drop a couple of pounds to look good on the beach really need to go through all the extreme discipline and time suck the magazines say?”
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Pistol Squat Progression: How To Do A One Leg Squat

Ray demonstrating a pistol squat progressionAfter I got injured, I looked up all the masters for a good pistol squat progression and am happy to say, I found the answers I was looking for.

If you are broken, it can help you too.

Here are a few of my resources I pulled from. In some way, shape of form, they all contributed a piece of knowledge to my pistol squat progression that at some point glued onto another piece to bring me to the final objective of doing a one leg squat.

In the end I have the routine and approach that showed me how to do a pistol squat that worked for my body. My body’s kinks, injuries and limitations. If you’ve weight lifted using the squat, deadlift, bench, overhead press your whole life, then our bodies are probably similar.

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How To Use Goal Setting Theory For Your Best Year Ever

goal setting theory - monks destroy goal mandalaMost goal setting theory guides say to form a life long, 25 year plan. Then work your goals back from there to do what you should right now. I don’t agree.

I’ve been there and tried that. The problem is that you truly don’t know the person you want to be in 25 years. You think you do. If you are living life fully, you never know what experience might turn all your best-laid plans on their ears!

14 years ago I was in the Canadian infantry and my goal was to become a sniper, crawl around in the jungles of panama and save the world. Now I’m writing to make a living. How does that work?

Life has a habit of changing. That means you and your goals will too. Why do you think there are so many divorces? People grow, they evolve and they become new creatures. Sometimes they turn into creatures that just don’t see eye to eye on things anymore. Their goals and expectations for life change.
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How To Lose Arm Fat Fast

lose arm fatIf you want to know how to lose arm fat fast, this is how to do it. A nice lean set of arms will naturally happen as your overall fitness improves, but there is one specific exercise for flabby arms that I want to share today. This exercise, along with reducing overall body fat, will bring those arms into super shape and make you look forward to going sleeveless.
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