Does The Law of Attraction Work?

law of attraction, shows balanced chakrasIf you’ve watched a movie called “The Secret,” and you’re still not a millionaire, you have to ask yourself, “Does the Law of Attraction work?”

I mean you’ve probably thought really hard about getting the date or the money or the job but yet, where is it?

Were you lied to about the Law Of Attraction?

In my opinion, the answer is yes.

Although it’s true that you start to become what you think about most of the time, there’s a big piece of the puzzle missing here.

“The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.”
― Earl Nightingale

Don’t Believe In Fairy Tales But Believe In Integrity

Nothing magic happens in the real world when it comes to the law of attraction. What really happens is you bring your strengths and desires into alignment with what the buying market needs and you become a success.

Because you are playing to your strengths, you enjoy the process and spend more time and effort working on the things that need to be done to bring success your way.

If you’re frustrated and angry with where you are now, that’s o.k. This is your inner guidance telling you what you don’t want. Thank it and use it. Use it to change your vibration to think about the things that you now know you do want. Do you hate not having money to pay for bills? That is o.k. Now you want to change it over to thinking about having a surplus of money so your bills are a joy to pay. The difference is slight. The effects on your attitude are not.

Now, what do you think when you hear all this foofy stuff like, soul, universe and law of attraction? It sounds pretty bizarre, doesn’t it? Does this law of attraction thing almost seems like a cult to you? Well, yes, just like everything else out there, there are people that mean well and there are people that will use anything new to make massive amounts of money. There are also people that will always pay money to jump on a bandwagon. Especially if it’s offering a quick fix.

A Quick Recap

What is being said in the readers digest version is; get rid of your limiting beliefs and tune into the circumstance that are coming to your awareness because your brain is concentrating on them. Ever want to buy a certain model or color of car? Then you notice it everywhere. Same thing. When you keep something at the forefront of your mind, you will notice more things that have to do with it.

When anything like happiness is set as an intention, you will notice more ways of making yourself happy. The only thing you physically have to do is take advantage of the circumstance and take action.

ME: “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I really want an ice cream cone.”

OPPORTUNITY: “Hey son, want a lick?”

ME: “No thanks Dad. I’m waiting for someone to come out of the blue and offer me a chocolate chunk, double scoop waffle cone with sprinkles.”

Don’t die with a dream still in you because of inaction (that’s fear’s younger passive brother). How could we have all these dreams and not have an answer to completing them?

When I personal train people I tell them to do things. If they listen and do it, the result is that they lose weight. I could explain everything but it’s not necessary. They can go get certified if that’s what they want but if they act on what I am giving them, results happen. But if they doubt me and the information I’m giving and then don’t act on it..guess what? No action, no reward.

ME: “Its dark in here. I wish it was brighter.”

OPPORTUNITY: “Flick the switch”

ME: “It might not work, I don’t want to bother. I don’t understand volts, resistance and current”.

OPPORTUNITY: “Flick the frick’n switch man!”

There’s Truth Behind The Fluff

Let’s talk about releasing or reprograming. If you have your path, your vision, and its not happening, then you have a resistance that is not resonating with your desire inside. You have to vibrate with the same level as the desire. Is that a little too hokey?

Check this out (this actually happened):

You desperately want to lose weight. You have tried every program, pill and exercise gadget out there. Nothing works. When nothing works, that’s usually a sign. Especially if it has worked for others.

What you are not bringing up is the painful memory of being raped as a child. Deep in your subconscious, you know that when you lose weight and get that sexy body you have always wanted; you are going to attract attention from the opposite sex.

I see an internal conflict brewing and two vibrational thoughts in opposition. Consequently, tension, anger, and frustration are born. The signs your body gives you that it is in DIS-ease. Go inside to fix the outside.

To put the law of attraction to work for you;

  • Find out what you really want by starting with what you don’t.
  • Release, forgive, dig around inside to see what might be at emotional odds with your goal.
  • Let the way present itself.
  • Be open and awake so you can see the signs.
  • Act on them. In other words, work long and intensely on it.

We feel bad because we don’t resonate with something that is going on. We are out of tune, playing in the wrong key. In other words, what we want is not matching what we are getting from something. It means we are out of line with what we truly want.

Do you really think that your subconscious is going to make you super successful at something that makes you feel like crap on a daily basis? Of course not, why would it want you to have more of what you deep down don’t really enjoy?

Does the law attraction work? Others thoughts on youtube video Pt1

So this brings us to the cliché line of “Do what you love and success will follow“. But at this point it kind of makes sense now. Because if you are having fun doing something and you want to make a million bucks then its not a far stretch that your subconscious will bring to your attention things that will help you achieve success.

Does the law attraction work? Others thoughts on youtube video Part 2


The Law Of Attraction Works On Vibes

We all want to attract more of what we like, so how do we get out of our bad resonance rut? The first step is to be clear on what you want. If you are trying to be successful and following the mold of how to get it done but not enjoying the process, then it just wont work. That bad vibe will impede progress on a deep level.

You don’t need to figure out every step! As a matter of fact, you simply can’t. Most of us can’t even plan out a day. There are too many intangibles. Phone calls, red lights, cats barfing on your carpet. Modeling success is great. It at least gives you a direction. Sometimes, detours are the funniest parts of a trip. If you do model, you have to model someone that is doing things in a manner that click with you. Again, if it isn’t fun, simply run…

You get nudges and intuitive ideas. Which ones should you act on? ALL OF THEM. There are many paths to the same destination. Pick the one that fires you up the most. Go with your calling. Just because someone else doesn’t do it that way doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. Most big successes are something new. In order to be new, you need to think for yourself.

Hunches And Throwing Spaghetti Against The Wall

For example, my website was not meant to make money at all. This was where I was going to do the stuff that I love. Poems that no one else would care about. Life, fitness, philosophy and other things that make you really hot to the ladies. Writing in a style that would give my high school English teacher a case of the trots. Write, make tunes, share my ideas…it’s turned out to be much more than I ever thought.

Trying to FIGURE OUT how you are going to be successful is very difficult. Joe Vitale in the book Zero Limits says that all great ideas will come from your zero state. Same with Zen, Toltec, the list goes on and on. You have to follow your gut to the area where you have fun.

I don’t mean only the non-work kind of fun. Nothing will happen without your effort to do what is physically necessary. It’s more like the “I enjoy working out” fun that gets you results. You can be very active trying to hunt down your dreams but that doesn’t mean they are going to happen. You have to trust yourself and follow your hunches. FOLLOW THE SIGNS!

You really will just get pulled from step to step. Everything does happen for a reason. Are you listening? Are you watching for the directions? Or are you caught in the mental chatter about yesterdays run in with that jerk in the line up at Star Bucks? Maybe you’re still trying to follow a path already laid down that won’t work for your make up.

Why The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working

So what’s holding you back from attracting your dreams? Is it a limiting belief of some sort? Maybe fear of failure or fear of success? The emotional freedom technique might help you. I’ve tried the Sedona technique and it’s a great read. They are all pieces of a puzzle that you put together until you start to make sense of the “Big Picture”. The Sedona method is more about asking yourself questions and looking inward to release the emotions that are holding you back.

And yes, you hold onto emotional crap. The crazy part is your don’t know about it. That sucks because you have to go digging. Every reaction you have to any situation is a result of a past experience that you are recycling to make for efficient handling of everyday life.

Listen to that C.D. skip baby. And if you let it keep skipping, you never get to appreciate the full song.

What about EFT? How about a sample? How does that work? EFT is much more direct and proactive on your own part. Does it work? Well studies say yes. I say who cares, give it a shot. If nothing else you get to poke yourself and have a good laugh. You can check that out on Bob Doyles site. You can get Bob’s opinion on “does the law of attraction actually work?” in the movie “The Secret.”

I just started EFT and all I got black eyes and a sore collar bone (just kidding.)

What if you don’t know that you have a limiting belief? How do you know if there is something there when, well, you don’t know its there?

Digging Deep On Your Hang Ups

Lets take wealth and the law of attraction. Everyone wants wealth. Is there something there keeping you from getting it? How do you talk to yourself? “I know I deserve massive wealth, (little voice: no you don’t) but I am not getting it (little voice: cause you come from a poor family)”…wrong. You have to shut that little keebler elf down. “You’re going down clown!”

If you are wondering how to work yourself through the law of attraction you can start with what you don’t want and flip it around. Once you know that, really make sure that you really get fired up before you go for it. You can’t attract something that you don’t strongly want. You have to REALLY want it so you take physical action. If you cant think of something that you desire THAT much, then relax and enjoy life. Congratulations, you have everything you will ever want.

You want to attract the end result, not something that you think will get you there. Like money. Maybe what you really want is freedom or love, and you think money will be your route to getting those things. That may be so, but it’s not the money you should be trying to attract but the freedom or love itself, because that’s what’s your real motivator.

You must be honest with what it is you TRULY want. Asking, “Can I make money from this?” has killed more great ideas than any other.

Can The Law Of Attraction Get You Anything You Want?

Have you ever seen Joe Versus the Volcano? I watched it the other night and it made me think. “Why do we have to get shaken out of our stupor with a near death event or a tragic event to decide to live our lives the way we want?”

Why do you want to go through life living it with less vitality, fun, ambition and adventure than you are capable of? I don’t know, but we all do it to some degree. We all have an area of our lives that we spend time doing or being a part of when we would rather be, do or have something else.

Then one day we get an inkling that we’re not happy and that maybe we would like to change something. So we set a goal and get fired up, try the change for a bit and get sucked back into a life of mediocrity. All the while beating ourselves up for failing. At the same time reinforcing our ideas that we never were meant to succeed. Must be the genetics. Can’t do it without the support of my spouse, boss, children, or family.

The real reason we never accomplish our goals and dreams is that we give up. If we didn’t give up, we would eventually find a means to achieving our dreams. Because one step after another, down the path, discovers new things along the way that make us wiser as we go.

Piece by piece, one step at a time on the journey, the clues to solving our life situations present themselves. But those that turn around at the first obstacle of CHOICE, never even get on the path of success.

Focus And Concentration Work – Maybe Your Plan Doesn’t

Once you DECIDE that you will achieve your goals, dreams, ambitions and aspirations to be, do, have more, it’s only a matter of finding out what you need to know to make it all work.

Of course, finding out exactly how to achieve something isn’t always easy, but none the less…

In one study I looked at of 700 people, only 14% said that they achieved most of the goals they had set out at the beginning of the year. Of that 14%  only 1% said they accomplished everything they set out to do. And the other 86% said they accomplished some to none of what they set out to do. I say this only because I think it’s important to note that most of us don’t do what we set out to. The other thing to note is that there is 14% of the population that is doing something that most of us are not. And we need to learn it.

Here is another interesting note. 42% of us write down the same darn goals every year. We obviously know what we want, because we keep wanting it year after year.

So the problem is either a lack of focused action, a bad plan or an unrealistic goal/time frame.

The Truth Will Set You Free

I was talking with my personal training client Larry the other day. Larry is 74 and like all 74 year olds, has quite a bit of life experience and with a little prodding, is willing to share.

We were talking about the movie “The Secret” and the power of thought. We went back and forth on the law of attraction and at one point I said: “I believe that if something has been accomplished by someone on earth, then anyone can do it.” So started the debate.

He said, “Do you remember the other day when I asked if I did this exercise, would I look like you?” I knew where he was going with this and said, “Yes, I remember.”

He continued, “You said “no”, and I appreciated your honesty. You said that you didn’t choose your parents and they were too young to be mine!”

What I was trying to convey was that he was 74 and physically, it was past his time to look just like I did. Youth has its advantages and disadvantages.

He had his own story to add. “This reminds me of a story about my grandson,” he said. “He was only six at the time and we were talking about positive thinking and that you can be anything you want as long as you concentrate your thoughts and efforts on becoming it”.

He smiled and continued, “After about 30 minutes my grandson piped up and said, “But I can think about being a pig as much as I want but I still can’t be a pig”.

There are things that are physically possible with the right tools, opportunities and enough time while others, well those are called miracles.

Dream about what you want in the first person. Act on every opportunity. Have patience and focus until you arrive.

20 thoughts on “Does The Law of Attraction Work?

  1. Filomena

    Yes the Law of Attraction does work, you need to apply yourself, once your have it. You have it, you have the power to determine your destiny. Just stay focused and you can attract all that you want into your life.

    Keep on sharing

  2. Meg

    I like you. You have it right on point. I couldn’t of said it better myself. I love my life, don’t think I could be any happier, really. And I know it’s all because I don’t want to perceive it any other way. Wanna be depressed, then be depressed. Only hurtin yourself. We’re not supposed to have all the answers. Be a good person and good things will come. Just have faith, my friends.

  3. jules

    i am a very keen follower of your advice.I was wondering about your views on the Law of Attraction and here is why…

    2 years ago i dated a younger man who, to this day i still adore.Our relationship took place in Germany and we broke it off because he could not get over the age gap difference and he got a job offer in London.

    BUT, the idea of going back to london absolutely thrilled me (i studied here at a very famous collge 6 years ago) and i wanted to give it a go.i did not want to be left behind in a city (münich) where i did not have enough work and had hit a cul-de-sac!So here i am, in London again!

    I must add that i was honest enough with myself to know that if i never see this boy again, at least i have got my spark and drive back.I am back in my ‘territory.’I have more job opportunities than i could wish for and i am back with my creative freinds which does something very good to my soul!I am that confident,vibrant person i know myself to be.My life has taken a 180 degree change.

    SO…Here it is…the Law of Attraction introduced me to this gorgeous boy ,who got me questioning where i am going with my life which in turn got me back to London where i am so determined to give it my best.

    BUt..(Mimi, I am sure you would say this is not what you do!?)I got hold of him on my 40th birthday

    In my mind, and in the time we had not seen each other (3 months), i thought he was having a very glamorous life here in London,(he works in the financial area) but he was not,he wanted to go back to Germany because he felt nothing was working for him here.

    Before leaving he stayed with me for a couple of days.While he was staying with me he saw another side of London which he really likes (alternative,creative area) and managed to get a job interview which seems very promising.Now, he is talking about finding a flat around my area if he gets that job.

    My question is…all these things seem like miracles to me..proof of the Law of Attraction(because i so desire,love and want him).BUT…last night it dawned on me that it would be convenient for him to live near me (there is still so much attraction between us) and we are still freinds and he gets to meet my freinds, but he no doubt still cannot get over the age difference!

    I am terrified of falling back into my old insecurities if he moves back to London.He has left his luggage with me while he is back in Germany for another job interview and i am begining to feel like i am being way too nice again.This is not what i wanted to be… i wanted to be strong enough to resist him and let him go.I want to be that tough ,smart woman and let him come and find me.It’s my fault! i initiated the contact! I believed the Law of Attraction was making him come back to me but actually he is just sweet lovely guy who does not want to feel so alone in London. This is ,however no guarantee that he wants to be with me!

  4. Frank Cerutti

    Based on what you wrote I would say that you have reached a crossroad. You need to face the truth in that if he really is hung up with the age issue then you need to ask yourself what is it that you really want? Are you looking for a long term relationship with him? Are you looking for marriage? Because based on your answers if you really want more of a comittment you need to make a decision to let him go and move on because the issue of age will not go away. The one thing that we sometimes forget is that the law of attraction is not to ignore the truth and not be strong. If you truly have clarity of what you are looking for you, you will know how best to react. Doing nothing is not an option in this case. Just my two cents.

  5. marina

    just wondering if the Law truly works, then no matter what, by visualization, should not Jules be able to get whatever she wants from the young guy?
    our thoughts vibrate and resonate in the Universe, so what the difference between the desire of having wealth vs. having a particular person commited to you?
    I am confused.

  6. Raymond Burton

    Hi Marina… the law of attraction can’t hurt BUT BUT BUT, what I’ve found to be true is that you get what you want when you mix CORRECT KNOWLEDGE with EFFECTIVE ACTION. The only problem is that when you apply this to people, it’s called MANIPULATION. Still works though.

  7. marina

    Hi Ray,
    I thank you for your quick response, but when you say “manipulation”, is it really applicable here. Whats wrong with visualizing a person of your dreams with you.
    In terms of ‘correct knowledge’, to what knowledge are you reffering?

  8. Raymond Burton

    Read my comment again. Visualization i.E LOA is not taking knowledge and applying it with action. So there is nothing wrong with it. There is a difference between day dreaming about someone being with you and actively trying to make them want to be with you. Visualization seldom generates a result for people without the action part. Manipulation can be defined as ” to control or play upon by artful, unfair, or insidious means especially to one’s own advantage” so yes, if you plot out the correct actions it takes to get someone to do something you want them to, despite what they really want to do then it is manipulation. In Jules last sentence she states “This is ,however no guarantee that he wants to be with me!” And in there lies the answer.

  9. marina

    Your point however differs from those I’ve heard before. Basically, if we put things into action, we get the result one way or another. As to my understanding, targeted visualization also is a powereful tool, since our thoughts create that very vibration and etc. Basically, we dont need LOA for things to happen, we take action anyways.

  10. joyce anderson

    WEll I just read the book the secret and found that it needed to be more down to my level.Hard to understand for someone that has only a high school education. I understand it is mainly about positive thinking and we can will are mind to get what we want.It is like playing bingo and just needing B13 and really concentrating on that number and not getting it.I needed advise on my mind if always on how insecure I am and always talking about it to people. But yet I feel good about myself also so mixed up a bit. I have a terrible past things I did as a teenager and mad marriages seem to hang on to all of it at age 51. Maybe I us it for attention. or I feel that my life is in a good place now and don’t deserve it. I can’t fiqure it out. I have very bad anxiety issues. I read this book looking for something but its hard to understand. I got that if i want money to just think about it and it will happen how is that on a 7 dollar and hour job and parttime. Or if you are sick and thing that you are not that good things will happen. What I didn’t get is how to handle my thinking that everyone is better than me. Like my husbans ex wife she is really smart and a banker and I nothing. But yet I do committee things with her Like on a cancer committee with her and yet she intimidates me where in the book helps with all my issues Please help.

  11. Lavania

    I really liked your article. It was light and a good read. I’ve been reading about the law of attraction since 3 years. But still i am not being able to form my life in the i want to. Why is this happening to me? I try my best, I do whatever i should do, but still I am stuck somewhere..

  12. Rich

    Hi. Few weeks ago i saw the film “the secret”. Now i am trying methods told in that film. I write my wishes on the paper, paint them, think about themm all the time. I wanna live in a house, but i dont we dont get a good offer, i wanna communicate to my dad easily, but i have psychological barrier , i am kinda afraid of him because of experiences in the past. I really want to have a girlfried, theres a nice girl in my scool, i like her a lot, but i dont even know her. Are there any ways to accelerate law of atraction and get what i want?

  13. JESS

    Lavania. how often do you think that what you want is not happening fast enough. or that its not going to happen at all. thats a big problem. just like in the movie.. when you let a thought like that come out, your pushing your desire back down into the ground when its on the verg of bloom. keep thinking positively, and keep dreaming, things happen for a reason live your life and enjoy it is all you can do. watch for signs. they are everywhere.

    and rich.

    all the things you named. you followed with your issue. you want a house.. but… you want to talk to your dad . but… you want a girlfriend. but… stop.

    A. find an image or draw what your ideal house will look like. and look at the photo in the morning when you wake up, and at night when you go to bed. imagine that you own it. its your house, fate will do the rest. again. watch for signs.
    B. take a deep breath, pick up the phone and call your dad. you want to talk to him., imagine yourself already having millions of convos with him, all you have to do, is believe you two are bestfriends. at first he will seem shocked and casual.. but as you go along talking acting like you talk daily. he will ease into talking back as if you talk daily. if it is still stressful after you try., go relax under a tree and zen out. let your mind control your body. relax and think of things that comfort you. then take the next step.into an office of a person that can help you find ways to bond with your dad.
    C. get out of your comfort zone. you sit there wishing. but are not taking an action. if this girl is nice. chances are. you walk up. show your confidence. and hit it off. dont let your fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. – great quote from a cinderella story.
    truth is. i am sure the law of attraction works because i want it to work. i dream i own a maserati lol. i hold on to that. and wont let it go. years apon years from now. maybe my wish will come true. until then. i will keep wishing. but i will also wish for other things. when you want something. hold onto the thought of already owning it. never stop enjoying and appreciating your life. and stop causing your self pain and aggony by telling yourself things wont and arent going to happen. your adding that to your life. good luck !
    ~love jessie


    Really i like the Article,Does the law of Attraction actually work?.
    I am a youthful man .I have been looking for my real soulmate for Eternally for many years.
    Though the ones i found Attracted to me,I proved to them that they are Attracted to me by writing letter’s and presenting some present’s ,Like flowers ,Rings and also showing my love personally but it never work out for me .
    Then my question is ,in my own case what is the cause?.

  15. aziz

    The Book the secret(s) and Islam deals precisely with this topic and answers all your questions. It also gives great insight on how to take greater control of your life and explains a lot of the psychological factors involved in allowing parts of the law of attraction to work or seem to work. It will change the way you see the world. Much of this is cross examined with Islamic teachings from over 1400 years ago! Check it out at or order it from just search for the author Abdulaziz Imad Alateeqi. Enjoy!

  16. TellMeASecret

    This article is precise, and by far the most concise piece of web writing I have read in ages. Although I believe in The Law of Attraction, I’ve never really had a firm grasp of the concept. Until now. Thanks so much Ray. A very good read indeed.

  17. Raymond Burton

    Hi TellMeASecret…. I am about to post something up shortly that has been a long time coming… I’m very excited about it and it will REALLY give you a solid grasp of how this all works.

    No fluff, no filler, just step by step on how to get results.


  18. AH

    To Jules. By now you probably have figured out what to do about your guy, but here is my take. You should focus on the end result that you want as Raymond stated. You want a man that you can adore and that can adore you also, despite any age differences. That may or may not be this guy are talking about. The universe works in mysterious ways. This guy came back into your life. This could mean that the time is right for you two, or it could mean that you need to close this chapter of your life. You have to figure it out, but really focus on the end result you want from a relationship instead of trying to force something to work.

    I must say that I am a follower of LOA. I was most influenced by this concept through The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. Lately I have become quite critical of the principles in The Science of Getting Rich and have become doubtful. I came across your blog while searching the internet for “does the law of attraction really work”. You have put a new spin on the concept that I really like. The book focuses on the universe “realigning” so you can get your wishes and thoughts, good or bad. You talk about the RAS system and how the opportunities have been right in front of us but we aren’t in tune to them (which is an easier concept to grasp). Also, the book doesn’t talk much of being in a good mood. This is a big topic for me and I would think most people. I can focus on what i want all day, but if I am in a bad mood constantly and not having fun, then it’s counterproductive. Thanks for your spin on this concept and for helping me get back to the law of attraction.

    Question: LOA states that the world realigns itself according to your thoughts and desires. You are saying that opportunities are always in front of us but we aren’t tuned in. That is a different take. Why do you believe the latter and is the original concept incorrect?

    Look forward to hearing your response.


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