For The Record: Matt Furey

20 years ago, I was fresh out of the military looking for a job as a personal trainer.

I did weights and calisthenics to keep in shape, so that’s what I taught my personal training clients too.

Then I got into the competitive bodybuilding scene and lost my way. It became about muscles and not performance.

I hurt, ached and tore a bicep as well.

Luckily, due to a shortage of cash I had to take on teaching some cardio classes and my “man ego” had to make the cardio classes as manly as possible – so I called it Commando Cardio.

After a few months of burpees, chins, pushups, bodyweight squats and jumping jacks I needed more variety for my classes.

That’s when I found Matt Furey. I gobbled up everything he taught in Combat Conditioning.

You know why?

Because even though I was in shape muscularly and cardio wise, I lacked flexibility and I wanted that back bridge amongst a few other cool moves I saw out there.

I realized I didn’t have the full package and he did.

As a trainer, he was also living the lifestyle I wanted. So he became my teacher without accepting me as a student.

I’m saying all this because it’s been in the back of my mind lately that a lot of what I know – I learned from Matt Furey and sometimes people talk crap about him.

He’s just often ahead of the curve… but you won’t know that until you get to the level where you can look back and understand what’s really happening. In several areas.

It’s also been a thorn in my brain that I’m copying Matt Furey too much without directly addressing the fact that I learned so much from him while ALSO trying to teach what I’ve learned as well.

It’s new territory that’s 20 years in the making for me; to learn from great teachers, but then try to be a teacher yourself, without being disrespectful to the source.

Honestly, I’m still learning from Matt Furey and will probably even join his fitness membership site shortly.

Why? Because I’ve learned a lot from him over 20 years just from Combat Conditioning and his stretching DVDs – but he still seems to know things that I don’t and as a fan, advocate, geek and practitioner of health and fitness, you can’t ignore good information when it is so accessible in this day and age from a teacher like him.

I still do royal court every morning.

Seriously, if you look at him now, he still moves better than me and can do things I can’t do (yet) and he’s got 10 years of battle scars over me.

That is proof – when you look at a teacher, and they are shining examples of what their teachings provide – you have found gold.

Matt moves like a tiger, he is supple, smooth, fast, strong and graceful. He is also calm, of powerful mind and focused.

THAT is a teacher.


I have confessed my sins at the alter of physical movement.

I hope I have made it clear that I have learned as much as I can and will continue to learn from Matt Furey. Combat Conditioning was around before Commando Cardio. They are not the same but I’ve followed in the steps of Matt without him knowing for almost 20 years and have tried to emulate him because of his ability and expertise.

This is a public thank you and acknowledgment to one of the biggest teachers in my fitness education.

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