Going through my old handstand stuff

You know why I love the handstand?

It’s a movement that gives you strength, balance and a party trick.

It’s also a teacher – it shows you where your body is out of whack so you can address it and move better.

Truthfully – it gives a lot and is an endless pursuit because there are always harder variations to keep you sucked into the process.

It’s like a hobby that keeps giving.

Branda and I were at Clear Water beach in Florida the other day and you know what?

You cant show off a deadlift or a bench press on the beach…

But people notice a handstand.

It’s a little bit wow factor and a little bit jealousy.

It’s well deserved because a handstand is EARNED.

You have to put in the work and it’s a movement that can’t be cheated.

Even the untrained eye can respect the skill and athleticism involved.


Even when you are learning it, the handstand moulds you and makes your body better. It pays you off before you can do the thing you’re training for.

Any way…

I told you all that to tell you this.

I am doing a limited print run on my old handstand book.

50 spiral bound copies only – first come first serve.

They will also be signed by yours truly.

This is just a heads up in case you’re a collector of these sorts of things.

If you want one before I put out the order link publicly – just email me and I’ll put a copy aside for you.

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