How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost In Calgary?

Hi, I’m Raymond Burton and I’m going to answer the question of how much does a personal trainer cost in Calgary. These prices will be in Canadian dollars and are current as of January 2020.
Ray Burton On Personal Trainer Cost Calgary
First, I will talk about the different kinds of sessions and styles of personal training and break down the prices for each.

The Cost Of Personal Training One-On-One

Here I’m talking about one-on-one private personal training at a brand name gym in Calgary. This would be the typical session you usually buy in packages at Golds, World Health, Goodlife or Anytime Fitness.

Very seldom do people buy a single session unless it is to get specific questions addressed. Still, most packages are based off the single session rate. Which in my case is $80 for training in Calgary. (Please note that most gyms DO NOT allow outside personal trainers making this a tough choice.)

This rate falls in line with the national average of $40 – $100 per personal training session.

Most people will opt in for a 3-pack of personal training sessions at a discounted rate. This allows you to ask questions, learn exercise technique and your program. From this base you can go on to train on your own if you feel ready.

For some people this is just a taste and they like having a personal trainer run them through the session. They then have the option of buying 6,12 or 24 sessions at progressively more discounted rates.

These sessions can be performed on different schedules. 2 times a week…3 times… It depends on how much you want the support and your budget.

I have some clients that pay me to do the thinking so they can just show up and do the work. Because of this, they don’t train without a trainer, EVER. Others just need a couple questions answered and off they go.

How Much Does An Online Personal Trainer Cost?

This is where I do most of my personal training now since commercial gyms stopped letting in outside trainers.

You can do one off phone calls to get questions answered or you can subscribe to a set rate and have everything done via online video and email.

Online personal training phone consultations with me are $80 per hour or $50/ half hour.

Subscribing to my online coaching is a flat fee of $49/month to get all your questions answered via video and email.

To outline a training routine for you is included as I have hundreds of routines put together over the years for hundreds of different situations and people. One of them will fit you with slight modifications on my part.

I cannot design a diet for you because I don’t follow one. I just eat unprocessed food as much as I want. This allows me to grow muscle, get stronger and stay beach ready year round.

I CAN tell you what you may be doing wrong that MAY be causing an issue you are having. It will be obvious. Things like medications throw everything off. So does junk food or a lack of intensity or volume in training.

How Much Does A Personal Trainer Cost Per Month?

You can see now that the answer really depends only on how much you want to train. You can pay a trainer every day of the month. Have them stand by and talk to you during your cardio if you want.

You can also see a personal trainer only once a month for tweaks and questions.

Further to the above you may be doing online personal training that has a set monthly rate. These rates vary greatly from trainer to trainer usually depending on their social media following.

Personal Training Price Sheet For Raymond Burton Calgary

Phone consultations with me are $80 per hour or $50/ half hour.

Online coaching subscription is $49/month (all your questions answered via video and email)

Mobile Personal Training To Your Home $120/session

Do you have any other questions about how much a personal trainer costs? Ask your questions below and I will be happy to answer them.

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