How To Get A Battle Ready Body That Men Respect And Women Admire

Can you pass this basic fitness test?

Before I got into the military I had no money in my pocket and was down to 1 apple and a couple pieces of bread.

I was out of shape and broke.

When I got the call to go to boot camp, the only training I could afford to do was with my bodyweight and I needed to get into fighting shape fast.

I was soft, couldn’t run and my endurance was terrible.

But this was my chance to become something.

I knew that very shortly someone was going to be yelling at me to do endless pushups and chin-ups and I was terrible at them.

What’s more, before any of that, I knew I had to pass the basic physical test of pushups, situps, step test, grip strength and a few more things before they’d even let me get on the bus to boot camp.

I couldn’t afford to fail. I was broke, away from home with nowhere to go.

This was my only opportunity to make a living, get some money and avoid becoming a homeless bum.

The biggest question was, “Where do I start?”

I had to avoid becoming a failure.

I had lifted weights before and I knew how to get big, strong muscles. But that wasn’t going to help me. That’s not what the army wanted – but it did give me the knowledge to start structuring a plan that would make me strong.

Now how did I master moving my body instead of weights?

That’s what the military wanted – people that could turn their bodies into machines that could do THINGS – not just lift weights.

Plus I couldn’t afford a gym membership – which was a blessing in disguise because I became the better for it.

On top of that I was taught to eat big and lift big to get big…

But that wasn’t going to work because big and soft is just expensive to feed and useless on the battlefield.

I needed to get more fit. I needed to get in better shape – battle shape.

AND.. The army wasn’t going to feed me protein supplements, put me in a gym all day just so they could have a meat head that could pick something heavy off the floor.

No Sir.

They wanted someone that could carry a rucksack (backpack) all day and not get tired.

Someone that could run fast or far without any warning or warm up.

Someone that could repeatedly get down to the ground and up, then over objects. To be able to pull their bodies up and jump down… all without injuring myself.

That’s what I need to train for and that’s the program I created for myself.

It worked.

I went on to win the most fit recruit in basic training for the Canadian military and then won most fit recruit in Battle School for the infantry.

All by just using my bodyweight to train with and eating regular amounts of real food while on a budget.

That’s it, that’s all.

If you don’t already own the program and the videos that show you how to do everything correctly, get it here now. You get access to download the program and videos immediately.

Battle Ready Body is a how a soldier burns fat, builds endurance, gets stronger and increases flexibility – all in one bodyweight workout done without equipment.

It’s the best way to get physically ready and easily pass military basic training, battle school and the physical entry tests for police, fire and paramedic.

This is how I did it and so can you.

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