My Rant On Bottled Water And Tap Water Filters

dog playing in the waterIn my opinion this is VERY important. If you are into getting in better shape, saving some money and helping the environment at the same time, then there is something for you (that you get) in this post that will solve many of your problems you are having with all three above.

First let me tell you a quick story if you’ll be kind enough to lend me your ear for about 2 minutes.

Sometimes you say shit you just wish you hadn’t…

I’m sitting on the couch and Branda says “you want to snorkel with sharks?” Ray says “Ha, Ha, sure…” Now here I am in a transport van, getting cold sweats and feeling a little nauseous but trying to smile at Branda (my honey) beside me. We’re about 30 minutes from snorkeling with sharks.

Snorkeling with sharks. That’s about all the details I have. Not the size of the sharks, the amount of steel that will be protecting me or anything else for that matter so to answer the questions from the info I later got intimate details of…

5-6 feet
Type: Caribbean Reef Sharks
Amount Of Steel: 0

Back to the story…

You know what doesn’t rock? Snorkeling in the Atlantic ocean on coral reefs, seeing garbage and plastic bottles, then getting out of the water and having to get a soap bath to get the oil off your skin…

Maybe you can’t change the world. I can change myself though.

What is wrong with the world? I am.

You can recycle all you want but the chemicals are still be pumped into the air and ground water to make your water bottles from that recycling process… and extra new ones.

Bottled water companies do their own testing on the quality of their water and are not required to make those reports available to the public. They are also not required to submit them to anyone else including the FDA. At the time of this writing the FDA has ONE person handling bottled water quality.

You assume bottled water is safe. In fact you don’t know. You CANT know.

@40:00 Check out this movie on netflix called “Tapped”

I took the plunge today, looked into water faucet filters and made a choice. You can read and watch the video about my install of my carbon water filter at the end of the article.

I’ve been on the fence for a while about getting a water faucet filter. I did research and then just fizzled when it came to crunch time and I had to pull out my wallet. So I sat on the fence some more… and my butt got sore 🙂

I started buying the big bottles of distilled water from safeway. Not too expensive. Worth it to get the chlorine and fluoride filtered out of my water. (I’ll write another article about that). But here is the deal. I then find out about BPA leaching into my water from the type of plastics that the water comes in. With bottled water, there is a recycling number on the bottom and that number tells you what could be in that plastic. (I’ll also write about the dangers of BPA).

So here I am buying distilled water with all the chlorine and fluoride filtered out.. only to get BPA. So I do more research and find out that Paul Chek likes Evian water. I check the number on the bottom. Good to go. EXCEPT…

It’s still plastic and my the back seat of my blazer is filling up with plastic bottles. Not cool for the environment or me having to clean the car… So I decided it’s time to take the plunge and get seriously looking at water faucet filters again and so that’s what I did this morning. AND I BOUGHT ONE.

I got it from the Mercola site and when it gets here in a few days, I will do a full review of it for you! I’m pretty stoked.

The review is done and located here

Municipal water however is regularly tested. They test their water several times a day.

Now to the next matter… Providing the water is safe, are you aware of what chemicals leach in the water from the bottle under normal conditions let alone extreme temperatures of cold and heat?

Poly carbonate plastic in the 5 gallon jugs and Pete in the single serve bottles are both bad for you. BPA Bisphenol A acts as an estrogen. Yes, they are taking out BPA in many products but did you know they advertise that fact and then replace it with untested new chemicals that no one is complaining about yet? People are not complaining about the new untested chemicals in the bottles because not enough time has expired for people to get sick yet.

It’s my belief that tap water that is then filtered at home is the best quality water that you can be certain of. Why? Because it is treated and tested to great standards that are available for scrutiny and then all you have to do is take the chlorine and fluoride out with a home filter.

World average on recycling is 50% and the United States is 20%, so that leaves a heck of a lot of plastic going into the land fills. Imagine 8 thickly covered football fields and that’s how many plastic bottles are THROWN away every 5 MINUTES in the United States! That’s best case scenario. The fact still remains that energy, chemicals and pollution are caused during the actual recycling process.

“Collecting plastics at curbside fosters the belief that, like aluminum and glass, these will be converted into new similar objects. This is not the case with plastic. The best we can hope for plastics is that these will be turned into other products such as doormats, textiles, plastic lumber, etc. These products will still end at some point in the landfill – and do not stem the need for more virgin petroleum product. This is not recycling, but down-cycling.” [1]

Why doesn’t the bottled water industry pay some money to get recycling done instead of dumping the tax onto us when we buy it and leaving the cost of collection to our municipalities? Bottled water is such a CASH COW for these corporations.

We have access to free water yet we…

1) We buy water from companies that don’t pay the municipalities that they farm it from and leave dry of their own water source.

2) The companies then charge US to recycle the bottles they make and put their product in.

3) We are painting ourselves into a corner environmentally, all because we won’t drink free municipal water that we carry in our own reusable container. (You can filter out chlorine and fluoride and be ASSURED that it is better quality than an untested and unproven spring source that had to be transported thousands of miles just to end up in a store. It would cost you about 1.7cents a gallon… SERIOUSLY)

So what do you do? This is really one of the easiest things in the world to fix.

Stop drinking bottled water.
1) Get a steel or glass container that you can wash and reuse.
2) Use municipal water and if you are concerned with fluoride and chlorine buy a great quality filter system.

All the money you save filtering your own water while saving the planet, your children and future inhabitants of the human race could be used to buy whatever your heart desires.

It’s so simple, and easy.

My Choice Of Water Filtration For My House

I’ve made my choice of carbon water filters and I now have my grubby little hands on my own water faucet filter from Mercola. I’ve been using it for almost a week now and am really happy with the filter.

If you’ve been into health and fitness for any length of time, you know the importance of drinking a lot of water and it only makes sense to use the best quality water you can afford. Where I live in Calgary Alberta, that means using carbon water filters that will remove fluoride, chlorine and DBP’s. I’ll explain more about them later.

The problem now days is that so many people just take things at face value. They trust…

“Why would I need to look at carbon water filters when water comes straight from the tap, made pure by the city, and is the best water for me.” Absolutely false and full of well…. crap. In Calgary like a lot (but not all) cities, they add both chlorine and fluoride to the water.

Increasing the amount of high quality drinking water is one the most important and effective changes you can make to improving all aspects of your health. When your body wants to get rid of toxins from food preservatives, enviromental chemical pollutants or simply a night of partying… it does through several pathways and using the washroom is one of them.

The problem is that when you flush the human body, you can’t flush it with more toxins expecting to clean out the ones you have in you.

So bottled water is a viable choice instead of having to look at carbon water filters then right? Kind of I suppose. But besides the environmental aspect of all those empty bottles you should remember that up to 40% of bottled water is actually just tap water from another location that may or may not be treated or filtered.

Take a look at your bottled water next time and except for certain brands, you’ll see fluoride on there. Why pay for unfiltered water in a plastic bottle that has fluoride in it?

I’ve been doing this a long time and have found it very hard to push products at people to simple increase my income. So I don’t. I could not stand behind fat burner pills. I don’t believe in weight gainers. I don’t suggest very many supplements, some. BUT I have to say that when it comes to fitness and health, high quality natural food and pure clean drinking water will take you further than any of the other crap out there.

A 4-year study released by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) found 1/3 of the water bottles tested contained synthetic organic chemicals and bacteria.

The typical plastic used for bottled water is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) – this material potentially leaches antimony and other toxic chemicals into your water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates public water supplies, but has no authority over bottled water.

For example, there are not any specific requirements regarding proximity of bottled water sources to industrial facilities or waste dumps. And there’s no official procedure in place for shutting down bottled water sources if they become contaminated.

I did not know these things until I started looking into carbon water filters. I just wanted to cut down on the amount of bottles I was throwing out and still get clean water without chlorine, DBP’s and fluoride.

I almost forgot to explain those…

DBP’s are disinfection byproducts. In short disinfection byproducts are one of the most toxic elements in the water supply and we didn’t even know about them until relatively recently.

For fluoride, just do a google search of “fluoride in drinking water” and see what pops up. It’s a case of specific groups telling people it makes their teeth healthier (I believe that the cities believe this to be the truth… I hope) so that companies could get rid of industrial byproduct poisons. If that seems a little far fetched, then why do Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, France, and the Netherlands ban fluoride from their drinking water?

Carbon water filters can remove fluoride that accumulates in your bones, causing them to be brittle and easily fractured and inactivates some of your enzyme systems. Fluoride in your drinking water also disrupts your immune system, causing it to attack normal working tissues in your body, accelerates your aging process and causes cellular and genetic damage.

Chlorine is a toxic chemical that attacks organic matter. So yes, it does a great job of killing off harmful things that could be in our water. The problem is that almost all water supplies have dissolved organic matter in the water that is a result of leaves and twigs that float into the water. This is where the problem starts as chlorine interacts with these organic materials to produce disinfection byproducts more commonly referred to as DBPs.

So, what can you do to ensure healthy drinking water for you and your family?

After looking around for a long time into several options, I have chosen to filter my water at home with a high quality carbon water filter. Note though that most all carbon based filters do not remove fluoride. As a matter of fact, most carbon water filters are contaminated with Aluminum.

On top of that, most carbon water filters do not do a good job of taking out the DBPs either. That is, unless it filters the water slowly.

So why am I advocating carbon water filters? Because the one I use has a Copper-zinc + carbon + fluoride removal filter system.

It combines high quality coconut shell carbon for best performance and long life.

Efficiently removes fluoride (via special media in first housing), chlorine, inorganic and organic contaminants.

Maximizes DBP removal when filtration rate slowed to 1 gallons/minute or less.

Creates bacteriostatic environment to prevent bacteria from thriving in the overall system

Installs easily in minutes to your sink faucet – no plumber needed. Unless you’re like me and decide to tighten the existing faucet head to get it off instead of loosening it….

Delivers the lowest cost over the long term and the best value for you and your family in challenging economic times.

So if this carbon water filter is so great… what is the down side? Glad you asked…

Initial cost typically higher than standard carbon system

Needs separate fluoride filtration cartridge – you can see in the video there are two housings.

If you live in Canada, you will have to pay an additional $18 in taxes when the Canada Post guy comes to your door.

Lastly, I am basing some of my opinions on research from the data collected by Dr. Mercola who has been studying this topic for over ten years in addition to several other journals and reports that I have come across. I say this only to make clear that the carbon water filter with an additional copper-zinc filter that I am using is the one that the Mercola company sells.

Update – My Choice Of Tap Water Filter For 2017

I’ve been happily using the Mercola system for a lot of years. Well past how long I should have been running the same filters. So the time comes to get some replacement filters and it’s a circus.

I no longer recommend the Mercola system based on pretty much the same reasons this lady is pissed off with their business.

Berkey Water Filter SystemHere’s The Deal, you know now that I went on vacation and did some snorkeling, and I hate to see plastic bottles everywhere and oil in the water so I’m changing things that I do. I want to give my family the highest possible quality water, without creating extra environmental strain.

I had a mercola but getting replacement filters was a pain in the butt. So after much research, I’m going to get a Berkey filtration system when I can afford one. I thought I’d tell you about this because maybe you might like to get one for yourself as well.

These do everything that other filters do with one big plus. They are stand alone. Meaning that you don’t have to rely on water to come through your tap. You could use rain water, tap water, pond water, whatever. It will come out crystal clean with no chlorine, fluoride or nasty gut germs.

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