On Pain, Mobility and Flexibility

joke about the hype in fitness
Spiderman Is Sick Of the Hype

#1 exercise that eliminates joint & back pain, de-stresses your body & makes you feel younger?

Oh…. here we go with the razzle dazzle…

It’s 5:04 am.

One hour ago I pressed send on an email I thought was helpful – to you.

I wanted to show you the new bodyweight workout I was pumped about.

I’ve just started jiujitsu again and have realized my weight training hasn’t helped very much at all.

If anything it’s MESSED ME UP!

At 45, I’m not moving very smoothly or painlessly despite being strong.

PROBLEM IS – the other old guys at the club ARE.

So after getting injured on week three – I just went to observe.

I wanted to keep the habit of going in place. Always important to keep showing up.

What I learned was simple – you get good at doing the things you practice.

I watched the jiujitsu guys move in ways that would and did break me.

I talked to them after class – one had had a torn meniscus and the other had blown a disc in his back… now, both move like snakes.


If you are not capable of a movement like a squat, or pigeon pose or putting your hands over your head… there is a solution.

It is to continually, and VERY frequently go to just outside the range of motion that causes pain. AND MOVE AROUND THERE until you get a little pump.

This is how the body heals itself and you reprogram your nervous system to reclaim the movements you had as a child.

The problem is that it takes work and time.

But listen to me on this…

It works. My problem has been doubting the process because of not getting massive feedback in the form of results.


But results don’t come fast.

With mobility, flexibility and pain… the results come slowly and continually.

Small millimetres of movement and hard to perceive degrees of lessening pain.

You just need to make a daily and multiple times a day habit.

When you get the range of motion or decrease in pain you want… it’s fairly easy to keep.

I’ll have more on that in the future.

I just wanted to touch base today to share this with you and let you know that there is no secret. No special forces elite methods or ancient Chinese magic to this stuff.

Just facts,
Zero hype,

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