Extreme Dieting And Training For Weight Loss: Big Mistake!

Why You Need To Slow Bake Your Cookies…

There is no single best way to get in shape; it is always a combined effort using a couple different systems of the body. This means that in order to burn fat fast but to do it safely, we have to eat right, do some aerobic exercise as well as resistance training.

From years of personal training I can tell you with certainty that if one of these three components is missing, your fat burning efforts will be slow to non-existent.

Now I have seen people try to get in shape and lose weight fast only using extreme dieting, however this weight comes back quickly and usually with a few extra pounds to make for a comfortable stay. Not only is this not the best way or even the fastest way for weight loss but also it is very unsafe. The systems of the body do not like to lose weight in this fashion and will rebel.

So how does one go about burning fat as quick as possible using the mentioned methods?

Let’s talk about eating right for maximum fat burning first. Despite popular opinion, I don’t feel frequency of feeding matters that much. Quality is more important. The more processed it is, the worse it is. If you eat healthy whole foods you will get all the fat, carbohydrates as well as protein you need.

Another of the best things you can do to burn off fat quickly is incorporate aerobic exercise into your schedule. That, or train quickly so your resistance training is also cardio. Any activity that gets you breathing harder than normal for a duration of 30 minutes to an hour is cardio.

Separate aerobic activity allows you to burn more overall calories than you can with only resistance training. The reason is because you can resistance train every day without risking burnout, but you still need to be moving to burn calories. That’s where the cardio comes in. It’s not so stressful but still put a draw on your caloric requirements for the day.

So along with your aerobic exercise like walking or jogging you are going to do some resistance training. This does not have to be complicated. A workout program only has to put a little more stress than usual on your muscles to be effective. This could be as simple as doing some Bodyweight Squats, Pushups on your knees, Sit-ups or crunches and Calf Raises on some stairs.

Here is a quick recap of what I said above. Eat healthy unprocessed foods. Do some resistance training. Get some low intensity cardio in on your off training days. Do those steps for a couple months and you’ll be far ahead of the gimmick followers.

The Big Trick Is Moderation

Think about the number of times you have started off with both guns blazing and then ran out of ammunition. I know the answer, I do this for a living. What happens is that most people figure they are going to lose 30 pounds in 30 days and they are going to kick butt to do it. So they start off all fired up, get real sore, their immune system crashes, they get sick and then they give up. Wow, that was like I had a camera following you, scary. It’s just that it happens to a lot of people.

So how do you avoid revving the engine and running out of gas? You avoid rapid starts and stops. Ease onto the gas, and maintain steady pressure. You only need to do resistance training a couple of times a week along with 3–4 cardio sessions to realize your physical goals. It doesn’t matter if its weight loss or muscle gain, the principles still apply. Don’t rush the cookies! You can’t crank the stove to 600 degrees and get home made cookies in 3 minutes. They will burn. You’ll burn out too if you rush your way to achieving your goals.

Here is the recap to success for changing your body. Get the information you need to achieve your desired goal that you have picked out. Make a plan with success markers along the way. Believe every step of the way that you are going to get the reflection in the mirror that you’ve been dreaming about. Do the steps even if you’re not in the mood.

Never let anyone shake your confidence with bogus advice and remember to slow bake your cookies!

7 Specific And Actionable Tips For Losing Fat That You Can Use Right Now

Welcome to the first part of my fat loss “ULTRA Quick-Start” guide. This guide is 7 specific tips, tricks and secrets to get you jump started FAST so you can lose fat and get in the best shape of your life. This quick-results mini guide is intended for everyone who needs to get up to speed as quickly as possible! Let’s get started.

In the next few articles after this one, I will share with you more details on my personal experiences with why these tips work and how to implement them easily.

For now, here are just the facts on the 7 specific tips and tricks to jump start your fat loss!

1 – Resistance Makes You Stronger And Hotter. Both metabolism and appearance wise. Resistance training is not only going to help you burn calories while you are doing the actual act of training but also when you are not due to increased muscle mass consuming calories to maintain itself.

Resistance training can be done many ways but as long as you push a muscle outside its comfort zone, then mission accomplished. This means you can either train at home or anywhere using only your body weight or you can pay for a gym membership and workout there.
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How To Gain Muscle And Build Muscular Strength

If you need to know how to gain muscle and build muscular strength then you are in the right place. This blog series will take you there. It contains the top simple secrets I’ve taught clients trying to gain muscle and build muscular strength over the last 20 years. It also contains a master mind meeting with another muscle building expert where we put our heads together to give you the real insider tips and tricks on filling out those shirt sleeves and adding slabs of muscle to your body.

Of course nothing builds muscle quicker than getting to the gym and lifting those weights, but you’ll need some important information first. I want to reveal the real methods of building muscle that work, so you don’t waste any time, get ripped off or get steered wrong by bad advice.

Now before we get started, this is basic stuff. I am going to hit the hard, solid facts of how to gain muscular weight and get stronger… and it’s going to come down to lifting heavy, resting well, and eating enough good food.

REALITY CHECK, if you are skinny, can’t gain weight, and can’t move these numbers compared to your bodyweight – then we need to make you stronger too. Continue reading “How To Gain Muscle And Build Muscular Strength”

What Is The Best Triceps Workout For Size And Outer Triceps

The best triceps workout for size and outer triceps is more about how your WHOLE training program is organized than specific triceps exercises or a single specialized routine.

triceps workout exercises

Let me explain…

There are three heads of the triceps that you need to workout in order to get the most size out of them. The medial, lateral and long head of the triceps. But the exercises you need to do to stimulate these three triceps heads are found scattered throughout the overall size building workout routine that addresses all of your muscle groups.
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How To Prepare For A Bodybuilding Competition

bodybuilding competition preparation bookHow To Prepare For A Bodybuilding Competition is the guide I wrote for winning my second show after losing my first bodybuilding competition.

Let’s get started…

What in the world were you thinking? Do you really want to spend twelve weeks starving yourself and going through every mental twist and turn of pre contest prep for your first bodybuilding competition? The only reward being to get a pat on the back or a silly little trophy? Continue reading “How To Prepare For A Bodybuilding Competition”

How To Lose Arm Fat Fast

lose arm fatIf you want to know how to lose arm fat fast, this is how to do it. A nice lean set of arms will naturally happen as your overall fitness improves, but there is one specific exercise for flabby arms that I want to share today. This exercise, along with reducing overall body fat, will bring those arms into super shape and make you look forward to going sleeveless.
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Monday Motivation – Get Motivated Using Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation

how to get motivated success road signThis guide has everything you need to know about how to get motivated.

So if you want to increase your will power to get in shape or change any area of your life, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading…

I’m a retired soldier and have been a personal trainer for 17 years. Here’s what I know about how to get motivated and develop self-discipline in one 8,000-word (and growing for the book version) article. A lot of different shapes, sizes and types of people were able to get motivated and achieve their goals by using this information.

It wasn’t that way at first though…

Before you continue, remember that learning how to get motivated only gets you in the mood to do things. We have intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation, which are both temperamental and fleeting. Self-discipline will always win the day. And we’ll talk about that.Self-discipline is getting things done, even when you don’t feel motivated.

I believe anyone can learn how to get motivated and accomplish any goal by following these 10 steps

  1. Understanding The Difference Between Self Discipline And Motivation
  2. Motivation Begins With A Desire – Focus
  3. Modeling And Learning
  4. Making A Plan
  5. Stacking Instrinic Motivations For Discipline And Habits
  6. Become The Thing – How To Get Motivated From Dreaming And Visualizing
  7. Never Give Up – Only Modify The Approach
  8. Becomimg Patient
  9. Loving The Work
  10. Expecting Success

If you would prefer to read this on your digital reader, there is a book on the way. I will email subscribers to the newsletter when it’s published. There is an open discussion on how to get motivated set up in the comments after this guide.

A few years back I had great success personal training people that came READY to lose weight and get in shape. The kind of people that needed to know WHAT to do, and how to do it.

Unfortunately, I was only having mediocre success with the others. Those that needed motivation.

My military approach gleaned from my time in the Army was based on people that WANTED to push through. In personal training, these are “easy” people to train. They do what you tell them and are usually the achiever/athlete types.

What I had to learn, was how to motivate those couldn’t push through whatever it was that held them back.

About that time, I also put my gym into the financial hole. I moved into a new location, with too big a lease payment and no business plan. At the time, this was MY biggest personal failure. Now I knew what it felt like to want something, but feel beaten.
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How To Start Working Out At Home To Build Muscle For Ectomorphs

how to start working out bench dipsThis is a series of articles, videos and podcasts on how to start working out again after you’ve lost most, if not all of your muscle or are starting from scratch.

Leaving the military has been the real test of keeping in shape. The real world takes up a lot of time. Same with high school or university athletes. Things get harder when being strong and muscular are not part of your job.

So I’m posting articles, resources and related videos for more depth and to answer specific reader questions as they come in to me:

For example: Answers to “What are sets and reps?”

Lots of tips and answers for subscribers on how to start working out in the monthly free newsletter which you can sign up for at the end of this article.

If you would prefer to read this on your kindle, you can purchase a copy of this on amazon here: “How To Start Working Out” by Raymond Burton.

There is also a helpful podcast with lots of answers on how to start working out below. It’s after the newsletter sign up.

If you don’t find answers to the fitness questions you have, ask me in the comments after this post.

How To Start Working Out: Step 1

Thoughts lead to feelings, causing actions that create your results.

Change is hard. Let me set the record straight right here right now. You absolutely have the ability to improve your fitness and health. If you are human (and I hope you are, if not “live long and prosper”) then you can get in shape, lose weight, build muscle or whatever. But it will take work. Read that again. If you are human, you can get in shape.

I only say this because some people believe they are born a certain way and cannot improve. “It’s genetics,” they say. Genetics do matter. But effort, consistency and focus matter a whole lot more.
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How To Boost Metabolism And Basal Metabolic Rate

Ray Burton: As you get over 40, your metabolism starts to slow. It was never a problem for me before so I didn’t look into it much. But now I’m 43, and as I started research on how to boost metabolism, I realized it is a huge topic and that a lot of people want to speed up their slowing metabolisms.

So what we’re going to do today is cover how to boost metabolism, sculpt your body, burn off body fat, develop unstoppable motivation and much, much more.

At the end of this information, you will also find a video and podcast about how to boost metabolism that I did with author Nick Nilsson.

I’m Ray Burton, author of “Begin At The Gym,” which is your complete blueprint to starting from scratch with the goal of losing weight and building muscle with no prior training experience.

However, in this series of articles, I’m going to answer specific questions submitted via e-mail in response to when I asked my readers what they wanted answered about how to boost metabolism so you can sculpt your body, burn off body fat and develop a lean muscular physique.
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Woca Radio Interview With Ray Burton

Woca radio with Larry Robin And Ray BurtonLarry: If you want to lose weight join the army. Today we have with us two-time winner of the most physically fit soldier award, Ray Burton. Forget about the latest fad, Ray has a plan for you. Hey Ray is there global warming up there too?

Hey Larry, ya no, I just woke up this morning and stuck my head out of the igloo this morning and came back from tracking some polar bears but other than that its a normal day in Canada.

Robin: Laughs. Polar bears! I love that! Laughs.

Your book is not..not a very big book. And I’m guessing the information we read in it is all you really need.

Ray: There ya go!

Larry: You know when something just rings true?

Robin: Um hum

Larry: Then you kind of have a good feeling about it. And I guess that’s the feeling I got from this book. It just rings true, ya know? So many people come on and they will write books that are like 800 pages and, actually that one guy had a good book..

Robin: Laughs..yea Continue reading “Woca Radio Interview With Ray Burton”