Sad to leave Florida today

Well the vacation draws to an end.

Just the plane ride home to go. The mornings on vacation give you a lot of time to think.

Like I mentioned previously – I messed up my back doing some deck squats a few days back.

It wasn’t the deck squats fault – I jumped right into them tight and already pretty sore from a previous workout.

Sometimes my enthusiasm to move exceeds my body’s capacity to recover.

I don’t even think it was the deck squats to be honest. I think it was another exercise that I just added since I got here. One that I just added and have gone way to hard on.


Results were at a low…

That always sucks when you’re ripping along and your goals are within reach – then HIT THE BRAKES.

A wall.

Smack – right in the face.

You know what I mean. It happens to us all.

That’s when I realized the thing about training to master your body is that there is nothing to buy.

Which means when progress slows or you get an injury – there’s nowhere to go but in.

It puts the blame squarely back on you because you can’t just run off to the store and buy the latest supplement, set of lifting gloves, spinning pushup handles or other latest fad.

Buying stuff gives you that little moment of satisfaction – like you actually did something.

Makes you feel like you moved forward.


With nothing to buy to fix my back today, I moved in every movement pattern I could think of.

I went from not being able to stand up straight, to right as rain.

I’ll show you what fixed it in this months Burton Barbarians newsletter.

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