Sore All The Time – What To Do

Once there was a 56 year old dude that was sore all the time…

That’s what he said in the email to me.

That sets off warning bells in my noggin.

“Progress is tough and I’m sore most of the time.” Were his exact words.

That tells me what could be a couple things: This Basement Barbarian was going too hard or had bad form or was not sleeping and eating adequately – he could also have an injury that causes compensations which cause cascading soreness.

Progress is not hard to come by given stimulation and then rest – soreness should be infrequent due to a completely new exercise or intensity factor – otherwise training should feel more like “practice.” You just get better and better more often then not.

If you are NOT getting better and better or you are sore ALL the time, then you’re doing things wrong.

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I elaborate a bit more in the podcast below.

Get gritty,

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