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Can You Build Muscle On A Bro Split While Natural Bodybuilding?

Please do not go into this bro split for natural bodybuilding until you have spent at least 3-4 months doing the other routines like the full body 3 days/week.
Lifting heavy on a natural bodybuilding bro split
You will only over-train and burn out. This is a very advanced routine that must be built up to.  Having said that, here is my favourite intense and awesome results producing natural bodybuilding bro split workout!

First, let’s answer the big question. Can you build muscle on a bro split? YES. Of course you can or hundreds of thousands of bodybuilders would not be still doing it. Experience says yes.
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How Many Reps For Muscle Mass And How Many Sets For Mass?

Big man how many reps for muscle massToday I’m going to do a deep dive into how many reps for muscle mass and also how many sets for mass. It’s the sets question that is the most open to debate.

Quick Answer For How Many Reps For Muscle Mass: in order to make our muscles bigger (muscle mass), we need to use a weight that is not only heavy, but also one that we can lift for a high number of reps. My rep recommendation is 67%-85% of 1 RM for 6-12 reps is the starting guideline for muscle hypertrophy.
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