Calisthenics For Fat Guys – A Complete Calisthenics Weight Loss Plan

Lets talk about calisthenics for fat guys today… and give you a complete calisthenics weight loss plan to get started at home using only your bodyweight.

Getting started with calisthenics for fat guys is going to look a lot different than you see on social media. If you are really heavy, you may have to start very simply (simple not easy) with progressively longer walking, progressively increasing numbers on get-ups and increasing sets and time on bear crawls.
hill walking is excellent calisthenics for fat guys
I did this with a guy that was over 400 pounds and he was losing on average 10 pounds a week when combined with pre-made healthy whole food meals.

He worked hard, stuck to the eating plan and blew my mind. He also found a girl and got engaged less than a year later.

One of my best training stories. So if you are a fat guy, don’t get discouraged… just get started and stay in it for the long haul.
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