The Bridge Across Forever By Richard Bach Book Review

the bridge across forever by richard bach bookI started reading The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach and I’m blown away. It’s been awhile since I have read something that didn’t directly involve the law of attraction, marketing or self-awareness type stuff. (That was great grammar).

The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach is titled as a love story. WHOAH! Wait a minute guys, it’s different than you think. First the main character is Richard himself who is an author. Actually he starts off as a pilot who fly’s around the country giving rides in his plane for money. See? It’s getting interesting already isn’t it?

Then one day like the rest of us, he gets thinking. He wants someone else in his life. We all reach that point where even though we are happy, we would like to have someone to share our experiences with. So he starts his new mission.

In the background though, Richard is an author and his book hits the big time so he has tons of cash. Again, this is where the guy in you gets sucked in. He’s and author and he makes it. He’s rich.

Now he is looking of the perfect women. The problem is, like most guys, he doesn’t want to get tied down. He wants intimacy, company but not obligations. Thus begins the dance from girl to girl..

While you are going through the major points of the story, in true Richard Bach fashion, he is dropping insightful almost enlightened hints about life, experience and reality. To all the power of intention and law of attraction folks, including myself, this adds in that “looking for meaning” information we like to get from our reading.

I don’t want to say so much that the major pivot points are taken out for you. I want you to experience them and feel them the way I did. So I’ll let you read it for yourself.

The last thing I want to say is that, despite my efforts to keep a reasonable bedtime, this book keeps me up. I keep telling myself that this will be that last page. Then I’m on the next page, then the next until I can’t focus my eyes anymore.

Richard Bach is one of my favorite authors and I’ll be going over some of his other books but for a great story The Bridge Across Forever ranks a number one to me.

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