The young guys are strong without trying but….

That doesn’t mean us older guys can’t get stronger.

Especially where it matters most.

The stuff that can save your life. Stuff like:
being able to sprint
Pulling yourself up over something
Jumping up onto an elevated surface about waist height
Getting down to the ground

When I was in the army it showed me what really mattered as goals for survival. Sure, maybe you need to pick up the rear end of a truck some day… but more often, you need to jump over a creek or puddle.

That’s what I’m doing. Ow with commando cardio and the basement barbarian club. Creating a monthly resource where you train for life extension and quality.

Strong, fast, lean and flexible… with the go power to drop the hammer all day.

If you haven’t tried commando yet, check it out:

Get gritty my friend,

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