Trapped… Trapped… Trapped….

Disney World is a melting pot of emotions that pour out when the body is getting pummeled by heat, humidity, swollen limbs, tired legs and sunburns.

Crowds push in and movement becomes restricted…


… and all I want to do is RUN!

To break the hobbled short stepping of lines and crowds and strollers…

– and squat, jump, stretch my arms out and yell “SWOOSH!” while making invisible snow laces across the sidewalk as I sing “Let it go!” from frozen – at the top of my lungs.

IT’s a test – Every year when Disney comes around it’s a test for me. How has my training helped me live?

Am I looser? Can I go all day without being tired? Can I go to sleep at the end of the day without throbbing legs?

These are the goals because life is more enjoyable without pain.

But for the pains I am also thankful because I see a lot of large people in scooters and a lot of people with metal limbs or limbs that just hang and don’t work.

Anyway – this year I discovered that increasing your numbers on a barbell squat mean nothing if you can’t get out of a chair and immediately run.

Deadlift numbers mean nothing if you cant run up stairs with cat-like power and speed… not to those of us that want our bodies to be vehicles of joy and expression and not simply symbols of specific strength confined to a gym.

Hey – we might not be 20 years old any more and stuff is going to get a little dinged if we have fun with these machines we are in – but let’s not just chuck our speed machines into the junk pile and decided to only watch others drive and have all the fun.

Get gritty in the mind and loose in the body because life is easy when you live it hard and hard when you seek comfort.

What I’m saying is train hard yes… so you can let the good times roll.

This month I’ve added the Commando Cardio program to the Basement Barbarian membership bonuses so you can move better, get stronger and look better – any place and any time.

When you get older and start to have money – you want to have a body that can take you where the fun is.

I’ll help you every step of the way in the Basement Barbarians Club.

Right now the sales page for it sucks. Let’s face it, I’m a better trainer than salesman.

All you need to know is that all the videos/info you need are in there –

But that’s not all (like the slap chop commercial)

You want answers NOW.

… for the next 11 people, I will personally take you under my wing and answer all questions and give you answers to achieve your goals.

So you don’t have to hunt around and figure stuff out – just do.

Whatever it is that’s holding you back, or holding you up, or whatever it is that’s got you locked – I’m only an email away.

But I can’t be there for more than 11 people right now.

You can do it.

Become a member here:

Focus only on what’s important,
Raymond Burton

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