Visiting New York – Things To Do And Places To Visit

NewYork WorkoutWell this one has been a long time coming but it’s time to write about the New York trip. If you followed the launch of the Body Of A Soldier program you’ll know that my main purpose of going to New York was to do a session with the Bartendaz in the park and film it to include the workout in the program. But since I was there… might as well do as many fun things as possible while there right?

Day 1

Get off the plane and there is a train that will take you right into New York. How cool is that. From there, you’re probably not going to pay more than $10 to get to any manhattan hotel.

Now before I go further, check this. I told a few people I was heading to New York and the comments all pretty much could be grouped into “Why?” and “Be careful and watch out for the crazies”. WTF? Seriously. First, “Why Not” and second, be careful what you look for because you’ll probably find it. People have to stop watching the news and discover what they think of the world for themselves and not what the fear mongers tell them.

So I get off the plane, buy my ticket for the train and I’m standing there trying to figure out where I am and where I’m going, staring at the map on the wall. That’s when I hear “Where y’all try’n t’git?”. Yup, apparently the crazies here in New York are very friendly and helpful. Who’da thunk. She went on to explain how and what I needed to do without me ever asking. Hell, I live in Calgary and no one has ever been that helpful even when I asked. Lol.

Once we get off the train, old school brown color coaches for the subway. It felt like I was in a movie and people were going to bust out into a break dance scene. I can see all the old warehouses and huge brick buildings used for shipping and receiving.

I’m totally surprised to see all the swamp like areas and ponds of dead water. I thought New York City was going to be all concrete. Pretty cool. There are ducks swimming in ponds that look like they hold bass and then 2 more minutes on the train and you’re seeing kids shooting hoops under a bridge and colorful graffiti. The vibe here is so cool.

Soon you’ll arrive at pen station and I get the weird feeling that I’ve been missing out. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first but then I realized that pen station has class and character. It’s hard to explain. In Calgary (which I love) things are like starched hospitals corners on your bed whereas things here are like a dark walnut large posted bed that has been handed down through the family.

The doors at pen station are brass and the floors are marble and there is stone all around. History bits and quotes are on the walls. It’s like when you go to Rockefeller center and read that famous inspirational bit by John D Rockefeller. It makes you feel nostalgic and warm like the smell of cooking bread when you come home.

There is so much going on but it doesn’t have that rushed feeling like you would expect.

If the New York garbage collectors went on strike there would be serious problems. There are mounds of garbage on the back streets every ten feet at the door of the restaurant that made it and each pile is 4 to 6 feet high. The trucks are growling around and the guys are chucking the bags all over the place. This is all happening just 50 feet away from the glitz and glam of 5th ave.

What Should You Do On Your New York City Visit?

You have to take the subway. It’s a trip. If for nothing else, the next time you go to subway to get a sandwich, you’ll understand the wallpaper. The New York subway will take you everywhere including places you don’t want to be for very cheap. I say that tongue in cheek. Everywhere I went, people were nice to me. I got some strange looks in some places as the only lighter shade human around, but I was still treated with mutual respect.

Jackson Wall Apollo NYCWhen I went it was just when Michael Jackson died and so we went to the Apollo and they had a full wall memorial going. It was really neat to see how much that man has effected people. Plus, the Apollo… come on, that place just GROWS talent. So that’s a must see and you can get there on one of the many bus tours available like these guys “Things to do in New York City

That company linked there is CitySights NY. They have a hop-on, hop-off bus tour that is operated on a fleet of 60 new?double-decker buses designed with top-deck-only seating to?provide you with the best possible views of New York City’s? attractions, neighborhoods and places of interest.?

?They also have what are often acknowledged as New York City’s?best-value double-decker sightseeing packages including major?attractions and activities such as harbor cruises (Cool stuff, get off and shop and eat.I bought a pair of converse there), museum visits,?helicopter tours, shopping day trips and one-day escorted motorcoach tours to Boston, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia &?Amish Country.

brooklyn bridge new york cityYou can also get off and see the Brooklyn Bridge since you’ll be right below it when you do the harbor tour.

The Night Tour has an amazing view of?the illuminated Manhattan skyline from a special stop on the?Brooklyn waterfront. The Brooklyn Tour takes you to trendy and?historic neighborhoods as well.

You’ll probably want to take the ferry to Staten Island too. We got on and got a great photo of the Statue of Liberty from the boat. We didn’t do anything on Staten Island as we just got off one boat and onto the return one because we just wanted the ride, views and photo ops.
Statue Of Liberty New York CityOnto the second part of the New York City visit now. Here is a the picture you can get of the Statue Of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. This really is a cheap and fun way to see some cool stuff and get out on the water and off the pavement.

Another thing to do on your New York city visit is to check out the parks. We grabbed an espresso and headed to a couple of parks, fell asleep in one and then headed down to the zoo.

Bryant Park New York City VisitThere is a starbucks at and a cool park right across the street. Actually, now that I think of it, it’s Bryant park. Why is it cool? How about an outdoor library and people playing ping pong? Pretty sweet. As well, while you are there, you’re just around the corner from the Library and you can get a picture of the stairwell you see in Sex and the City movie when Carrie Bradshaw loses her mind when Big stands her up. (please don’t ask how I know this)

Plaza Hotel New York City VisitSpeaking of movies, you should check out the Plaza while you are close to central park and then you can say you were at the place where “Bride Wars” was filmed. Bride Wars: “Two best friends become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day. Proving…Even best friends can’t share the same wedding day.” (Again.. no questions why I know that meat heads.)

We’re getting closer to the zoo… promise. Did I mention you can do ALL this on foot? It’s ridiculously cool how much you can see and do for absolutely free on your New York City visit.

Now let’s talk about Central Park. This place is incredible. The facts? Central Park is a large public, urban park that occupies over a square mile (341 hectares) in the heart of Manhattan in New York City. It is host to approximately twenty-five million visitors each year. Central Park was opened in 1859, completed in 1873 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963.

Next… the full monty on Central Park..coming soon…

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  1. M House

    I live in a Manhattan luxury condominium and I take full advantage of having Central Park in my ‘backyard’. Hope you enjoyed visiting it as much as I do on a daily basis while walking the dogs.


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