Fearlessness And Courage – Fear Makes The Wolf Bigger Than He Is

What is courage and fearlessnessWhat is courage? Some say it’s the spirit or mindset that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., with fearlessness. I say it’s the ability to act DESPITE fear.

And what does this have to do with helping you?

To explain, the single most common regret of the dying was wishing they had the courage to live a life true to themselves and not the life that others expected of them? Because when people realize that their life is almost over, they look back on it with clarity.

In your conquest of happiness, courage is key.

When you are about to die, there is a clarity that only exists in that precious moment. Everything pales in significance, and only that which truly matters is able to remain in the mind. In other words, most people die knowing that they didn’t go for it.

This is your life. When you die, it’s a journey you will make on your own. Only you will have to deal with the consequences, so make your own decisions. Those decisions will require courage.

What Is Courage Other Than Action?

Our life changes in the five-second pause it takes to make a decision. You must make the decisions that are true to you. This requires courage. And for courage to exist, there must be risk and fear. With one push at a time you must have the courage to make the right choices.

Because courage involves risk and fear, you will never feel like doing the thing that is required. If you accept the discomfort and lack of confidence and move forward anyway, things will get done and people will respect the person they think you are. You will be courageous, it just feels different than you think. It does not feel empowering; it’s moving forward with a knot in your gut and your knees wobbling.

It’s not courage when you go into battle as a strong and capable warrior, that is confidence. Courage is stepping forward to battle when you are sick, ill and weak. It’s doing what you must when there is risk. That is courage, and it’s required for an excellent life because you will not always be dominant in every situation. You will need to get things done when you are the weaker, the ill one, the old man.

Should you hesitate in speaking the truth? Should you hesitate and edit yourself when the proper actions or words are required? No. You shouldn’t, but we all have, because in doing so, we’d take a risk. A risk of harm, loss, a failure, stepping into danger, whatever.

Courage By Definition

Courage is the ability to put yourself into action, to exercise your will, despite the risk. The greater the personal danger, the greater the courage required.

Men who are forced to fight are less courageous than those who demonstrate courage in battle because of their own free will. Men who have taken beatings in battle yet go back in, are courageous. One who has nothing to fear, because he has never suffered loss, cannot be courageous.

The courage of man is not merely a tool to be used in the service of others. A man should fight for himself, to compete and look after his own interests. It is not the best leader who leads, it is the man who takes the lead who will lead. You must take the risk of losing it all when pressed backward from your own interests. You must push forward with the threat of domination because at it’s root, all is given to the greatest threat. As a child, you submitted to the wrath of your father, not his kind words. You need the absolute commitment to fight in the face of pain, of disfigurement, until death.

This indomitable spirit is a major theme in every heroic journey. A journey I say you are already on the path of.

It is sad that men seldom curate the courage to become what they are, to do what they were created for, what their bodies vibrate to perform. Two men I knew both said the same thing. Charles Bukowski and Jack Donovan, “Men chain themselves to a stake in the ground—left to the madness of barking at shadows in the night, taunted by passing challenges left unresolved and whose outcomes will forever be unknown.

Having The Courage To Be Yourself

Life comes in moments.

In this moment, I realize I am really just a part of the universe’s big musical production. We are little songs.

Your life plays out, moment by moment. Your life plays out note by note. When complete, the performance is a series of moments, of notes, strung together. This is your song. It has color, harmony, emotion, and dynamics. You must think yours is true. A great song causes a change of state. It takes a sad person and makes them happy or comforted. It can cause a happy person to become melancholy or to jump up and dance. Perfect balance is perfect stagnation.

Your body, the instrument you have been given, has internal qualities that will affect the song that is you. In the way, a drum creates music a flute cannot, there is a creative sound that is you. Your song is special.

We learn to play, to express the notes we feel inside in an outward creative action as we get older. Some lucky ones know their song very early. They don’t waste time trying to make a drum sound like a trumpet.

The Courage To Change And Act

Get your song out there. You want the fire to grow. Play those bars and measures. Your life so far has been an intro, and now the whole band is on stage waiting for the drop of your baton. At first, your song was struggling to be heard, until the rest of the instruments joined in. We are one big orchestra in a concert with many songs.

So many songs. So many notes. Many styles and expressions to be played… and heard. There is no right song or wrong song. There are merely songs of expression. Many notes, instruments, and songs can be on one stage. Enjoy the chaos because soon there will be only silence.

The Courage To Dance Of Your Shackles

Isn’t it funny that long ago, before most of us spent our days stuck in traffic, people knew the nature of reality?

That while we chase success and all our goals sparkle with allure, the power we seek is only a breath away.

The world is a metaphor and words are powerful tools that start turning thoughts into reality. Everything is vibrational and in the beginning was a word.

A thought, a word, a sound, a vibrational movement of particles. Certain vibrational frequencies producing sound through the pulsing of matter, and denser vibrations becoming matter itself. Reality is a collection of vibrations, of thoughts, sounds, it’s a song.

When I hear a song, I dance.

At The Club In Mexico

What Is Courage Other Than Laughing At Death?

the how gives the whatNobody likes to face death. Actually, nobody even wants to talk about it including me. There have been many a night where I was drifting off into sleep when I suddenly realized with a gut-wrenching realization that no matter what I could possibly try, my existence on this planet will eventually be over.


Now what do you do with such a cheery thought? You can keep stuffing it into the back of your mind or you can use it. If you think about a lot of your actions in regards to trying new activities or going out on a limb, you probably back off frequently. Why? Because of your emotional drive for survival. At some level you see these new things as possible risks. Even though you may not die from them directly, you are fearing for your survival. You fear death and now your actions are killing your life and adventure.

You’ve given into death and not even flipped him the bird.

Let’s take this to the extreme. What if you never left the house, never tried anything risky or new until the day you died long into the future. Just maybe, because you never put yourself out there emotionally or physically, you never suffered any consequences. You made it all the way to 110 sitting on your couch. The most depressing thing? You have no stories, adventures, relationships and a ton of “I wish I hads”.

Use death as a tool because it’s there and it’s not going away. Use it.

Anger Sometimes Comes Before Courage

Here is what I mean. When you think of death or feel that fear, let it make you angry. Go ahead and feel that panic. Time is running out and no matter what, you get snuffed from this physical existence. Then use it to motivate you for huge action.

There is nothing to save. There is nothing to protect. You will lose it all in the end. GO FOR IT.

You are laying there and you sit bolt upright with a knot in your stomach. You want to hit something, cry or simply freak out. I understand. Now, what is the biggest action you could take in your life that you are scared of doing? Asking for a raise? Asking that girl of your dreams out on a date? Calling that huge company and setting up a meeting to negotiate a contract? Going to the gym in front of all those people? What about that trip you have been putting off to Thailand?


You have to stop being weak and face the inevitable because a coward dies a thousand deaths but the hero dies only once. Punch death in the face and use it to make this life as incredible as possible. Go places and do things that make your life a story worth reading about.

What is courage? It’s surely what’s required to stop surviving and start thriving. You only get one shot. Pull the trigger.

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage

How To Overcome Fear Of SuccessI was doing some reading about how to overcome fear of success and if it even applied to me. I read the most interesting thing. That fear is a nightmare and most of us are not succeeding the ways we want in life or achieving the things we want because of this fear. Now a mare of course is a horse. A female horse to be specific but that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with this cool analogy… Ride Your Nightmare To Success.

You can catch, tame and then ride a mare and this is what you need to do with your nightmare called fear. One you have that fear broken in you can use it to take you places that you have never been before. Places where usually your greatest successes will live.

The more I look into my own experiences the more I realize that the whole fear of success and fear of failure ideas you always hear are that way because they are so true. Half the time you don’t want to start something because you will look dumb to everyone when you fail miserably. The other half of the time, you are scared you might succeed and then get caught working your butt off every day in this new run away success you have.

So it is back to the basics again. What is fear regardless if it has to do with success or failure? Fear is the way you tell yourself you may experience something uncomfortable or or the extreme end, possible death. How do you deal with fear? You either make friends with it, or overwhelm it with another emotion that is stronger.

What I mean is that you either reframe fear so that instead of going through dread feelings with it, you recognize it as a sign of going somewhere new and associate it with growth. Make it more of a fun game type of deal. That of course is not the point on answer but it is an option to use. The other way is to have such an overwhelming positive desire for something that fear takes a weaker second place. Kind of like when you get up the nerve to ask someone to dance with you at a party. You are scared but the benefits of getting a yes overwhelm you on an emotional level and get you to move past your fear.

These are just methods that I find useful from time to time and not overall answers to life. You have to watch that stuff. Ideas will work in one spot and then need to be revised in another application. Life is a pretty dynamic game and I think anyone that professes to have all the answers, probably has none at all.

If you look at the things you want out of life and look really hard at the things you have not accomplished, you’ll see fear.

You should take this journey daily. A combination of facing your fears and being brutally honest with yourself about what you are feeling and the programs you are running through your mind.

You have to realize that if you want something and yet still don’t have it, there is a reason. The most common thing is fear. This fear will take many forms but when you boil it down it comes to the avoidance of pain or at the highest level, an emotional or physical death.

If you need to be out of a relationship and yet are still in it, you are afraid. You could be afraid of the emotional death that will occur when no one is around to give you attention no matter how bad that attention may be. It could be that you are afraid you will not be able to provide for yourself and that could mean physical discomfort, pain or even death in the deep places of your mind.

If you need more money but still don’t have it, then you are afraid. Afraid to go through the discomfort of not having everything you want, the moment you want it. The numbing of pain by medicating with purchases. This is why you buy stuff all the time and go beyond your budget. Maybe you are scared to go outside your personal boundaries to take the actions that will allow you to pick the dollars off the money tree.

Look at all of those goals of yours. Look deep down and be honest with yourself. Do you have what it takes to go forward with the actions you need to take in order to acquire the prize? If you don’t why? What are you scared of?

Now for a word about realistic expectations. Often when people are instructed to set goals they may be asked if their expectations are realistic. I think you should have unrealistic expectations and celebrate every step of success on the way. After all, how many things have you chased in your life only to accomplish them and ask yourself, “Now what?”

The goal is secondary anyway. If you want $10,000, make your goal $1,000,000. It makes no difference. You are going to celebrate and enjoy every step along the way. You are going to concentrate on what the process towards the goal does for you. Who it makes you become. The character traits that are created and that will cross over into every area of your life. More importantly, the personal fears and boundaries you conquer and cross at every step.

By recognizing your fears and shooting for the stars you will become a more incredible person every day and in every way. All the while marching towards that destination that is your goal. Remember that the goal is the location but there is always plenty of great conversations and things to learn along the trip.

Earl Nightingale On Success

  • The only man that succeeds is the man that knows where he is going.
  • The successful people are those that are doing what they WANT to do.
  • Only 1 out of 20 are brave enough to be this way.
  • What is the key to success?

    That key is:
    We become what we think about. All wise men have agreed on this. Human beings can alter their by altering their attitudes and minds.

    You must control your thinking. The law of attraction is brought forth in this way. Not a hocus pocus fluffy notion but the real world fact that when you think about something you mind actually works to bring things to your attention from out of the every day environment that will help bring that thought to manifestation.

    It is called your ‘RAS’ reticular activating system. It’s only job is to sort the ‘what is important to my master’ information from the other millions of bits of external information that flood our senses. If you are thinking about lack, your RAS will bring bits of data to your consciousness that will help that direction manifest into your life. If you are not thinking about what you want on a steady basis, then you may be missing very important key bits of information that are right in front of your eyes!

    Things that will help you become what you want.

    You can go here to learn more about the reticular activation system

    12 thoughts on “Fearlessness And Courage – Fear Makes The Wolf Bigger Than He Is

    1. Candice West

      Wow, this blog really puts things in perspective. I can’t say that I have been able to use death as tool yet in my own life, but what a great concept! This would really help me to focus in on what really matters most in this life.

    2. Joe R.

      You know this is a very message. I know it will take some time to sink in but you can bet I will be thinking about this concept in the days to come. If I really let myself face the fear of death in this PROACTIVE way, my life will change. Wow, Ray, thank you. BTW, I have never ‘replied’ to an article before. This one in unique. A game changer.

    3. charles pocock

      I’ve been facing a big decision for a long time. It won’t go away and you’re right. I have to do it. Thank you for the nudge in the right direction.
      All the best,

    4. Julie Soukup

      Ray, this blog speaks to me and I appreciate you taking the time to write about something as basic but as crucial to happiness as facing your fears. I would take it one step further and remind people of the incredible natural high and innate joy you will get from punching your fears in the face, knowing what you can accomplish and finding success…no matter how small…which will lead you off the couch and on with life! Thanks Ray.

    5. becky

      Ray,I recently made a huge decision for my life, and seeing this has really put things in to perspective, I’m from the UK so theres no real chance of me seeing your visits… any chance you’ll come over? I have always had a fear of running infront of people for some reason, but with this I think I can manage it! thanks Becky

    6. Raymond Burton

      Julie, that made me laugh… Becky, you can manage to do anything you want. Go run… you’ve have plenty of time to not run in about 80 years…. AND think about all the people in wheel chairs that WISH they could… I think about this whenever something is sore. At least I have the ability to feel from the waist down unlike some people….


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