Why I Don’t Do The Gym

So you want to be “the man” (or woman)eh?

Wanna be numero uno?

The big dawg?

Then let me tell you about this jail yard cat…

It’s a story from a father in prison to his son. It was actually a series of letters of fatherly wisdom and about how the world works.

In this letter the father spoke about a mangy jail yard cat that all the other prisoners hated.

The father talked about how every day the cat would stalk the yard looking for mice. When it found one it would play with it.

It would bat it around. Pin it. Let it go. Nip it, then smack it around some more… and do this for as long as toying with the mouse pleased him.

This is the dark side of power.

You either have power in a situation or you don’t.

One of the easiest ways to lose power is to lose your physical ability.

And guess what?

You need to do training that doesn’t drain you, that challenges you, that makes you stronger, more flexible, muscular and leaner… without injury.

You need to be able to turn on POWER when the cat comes for you.

How do you do that?

Well, when I trained bodybuilding style at the gym… I had injuries all the time.

What’s the point of that?

Going to the gym to gain strength, flexibility and power only to end up hurt and incapacitated?

Not to mention the time wasted travelling there… and the cost… and the annoying people.


Those are some of the reasons I don’t do the gym any more.

To see what I do instead to build, strengthen, apply, practice, and get results from my ability to own my power, check the Commando Cardio program.

It’s only expensive if you look at it as a cost and not an investment.

If you’re the former, that’s your first road block.

(Thinking of skills that can make you powerful as costs and not investments.)

If you’re the latter, then here’s the link:


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