Woca Radio Interview With Ray Burton

Woca radio with Larry Robin And Ray BurtonLarry: If you want to lose weight join the army. Today we have with us two-time winner of the most physically fit soldier award, Ray Burton. Forget about the latest fad, Ray has a plan for you. Hey Ray is there global warming up there too?

Hey Larry, ya no, I just woke up this morning and stuck my head out of the igloo this morning and came back from tracking some polar bears but other than that its a normal day in Canada.

Robin: Laughs. Polar bears! I love that! Laughs.

Your book is not..not a very big book. And I’m guessing the information we read in it is all you really need.

Ray: There ya go!

Larry: You know when something just rings true?

Robin: Um hum

Larry: Then you kind of have a good feeling about it. And I guess that’s the feeling I got from this book. It just rings true, ya know? So many people come on and they will write books that are like 800 pages and, actually that one guy had a good book..

Robin: Laughs..yea

Larry: But what I’m trying to get at is it’s a very thick book and what you say is, “Do I really have to read all this to get in shape?” Your book is about…let me look at the numbers..154 pages long or so.

Robin: Uh huh

Ray: With the pictures!

Everybody laughs…

Larry: Ya,”With Pictures!”, which is good for me. Am I right in assuming you have never, really been heavy?

Ray: Ah, no. I have been heavy at one point. One time I ended up in the hospital and when I came out I had previously been into bodybuilding and just your self image when your into that kind of sport, makes you really want to…well everything you are is identified by your outward appearance..ya know, when you first get into it. So I had been muscular and big, got sick, ended up in the hospital and lost a lot of weight. When I came out, I overcompensated and got quite heavy trying to get back to where I was and I ended up just being fat.

It was a mixed blessing actually because I had identified myself so much with what I saw in the mirror at the time that….when I became fat for lack of a better term, I, ah, got to experience what it was like to feel that way. And it was an eye opener.

Larry: Really…Ray have you ever seen that movie “Super Size Me?”

Ray: Oh yeah..yeah

Larry: In his case, for those of you who have never seen the story..I’ve just seen the interviews. Apparently he went on a month long, nothing but fatty food from MacDonald’s, that kind of thing. And then he got the fat cells in his body, which he never had them before. And now he has a hard time keeping the weight off. Did that happen to you?

Ray: No, it didn’t. There are a couple of view points on that whole deal. But the most predominant theory is that the amount of fat cells you have on your body is mostly formed during your younger years. And….that’s what makes me quite passionate about talking. When people come in to see me, its not just about them, but the clientele, the age group that I am dealing with now, most have children. And ahh, if the parents can eat right and take care of themselves, those habits get passed on. And if the children are going to eat right at this early development stages, they don’t run the risk of overdeveloping, well not overdeveloping but creating lots of fat cells early on that later on can really fill up easily. Because they don’t ever really go away, they just kind of shrink. And so you can actually “puff” them back up quite easily. And so if you don’t get lots of these when you are younger, just through proper eating and living…proper. When you get older that happening is not such a concern.

Robin: And is this a myth or a real truth? I have always heard that when a person is into bodybuilding, once that person stops, that all of those toned muscles go away and just turn into fat. And you can’t control that. Is that true or false?

Ray: False, it’s a good one though Robin. I hear it a lot because when people come in and state their goals its almost always “Well I’d like to lose a bit off my tummy. I’d like to firm up my butt”, but back in my bodybuilding days what I heard a lot was “but I don’t want to look like you!”

*Everyone laughs*

Ray: You know because there is a common misconception that it does turn to fat, but its changing one form of matter into another which just doesn’t happen. What really actually happens is that if you stop training your body reacts. Your body gears itself up for whatever it experiences on a daily basis. So if you don’t use it for a certain purpose, you lose it.

So if you stop lifting heavy enough, your muscles will go away. And then when your muscles go away, what happens is your metabolism slows down and that’s why resistance training plays such a big roll in any weight loss program. Because any amount of muscle you put on, which develops your shape, is going to increase your metabolism.

And then so what happens when you stop training, and what most people do when they get older is, your muscle will shrink because they’re not using it, and their metabolism slows down, their hormone levels shift because their not experiencing the workload that the body likes. You know, a body needs to work, that’s the way it was designed. And then once all that happens, the fat starts creeping on.

Usually what happens is when you are eating…you can get away with a lot more calories when you are training on a regular basis and once you stop training but keep the same dietary habits, now you are consuming too many calories. So it’s kind of a bunch of events converging at the same time, but there is not an actual shift of how much muscle mass you have translating into fat later on at all.

Larry: Have you, given some of the things you have learned in the army, applied them to what’s in the book right now?

Ray: Massively. Thanks for bringing that up Larry! LOL My life has been…Devine, I would say in the way that it has unfolded with the, having gained weight, having been in the army and tried bodybuilding and all these things. Everything has come to this point right now where the experience I have helps me help other people. And the stuff that I learned in the army, was..you get put out in the middle of the woods, in the middle of nowhere, for a period of a couple weeks to a month or whatever, with no access to any sort of fancy equipment, well no equipment at all actually. And through that I learned how to work out, how to stay in shape simply using my own bodyweight.

Larry: Ahh, O.K

Ray: There are several things in escape and evasion that you learn, like air force pilots and stuff, where they learn how to exercise, in just a four by six cell with absolutely nothing. So when you learn these bodyweight exercises you can stay in shape in your living room.

Robin: Wow..

Ray: And that was something that I wanted to include in The Fat to Fit Program because there are a lot of people that if they spend the money on some of the things that they see on T.V. that if they simply get, THAT THING,

Larry: Yeah..

Ray: Boy that translates into so many areas of life but, if they get that ONE THING, that’s it. They are going to be happy. They are going to achieve their goals and all this…and ahh, I’m telling ya, you can save all your money. And ahh, maybe invest in a little self-help book on motivation and dedication and save your money and start working out in your living room and your can really achieve your goals.

Larry: Wow, that’s excellent. In other words, some of the things we learned in elementary school, in elementary school gym class…

Robin: *Laughs…yeah!

Larry: You know, how to do a jumping jack and or that kind of thing. Is that what you are talking about?

Ray: I am. You know the best way to get in shape is to go back to your childhood passions.

Robin: Ray, what made you resist the temptation to do surgery? Because there are so many surgeries out there to assist people with weight loss.

Ray: Well I don’t know why I never did it. Maybe because I am from a small town in Nova Scotia Cape Breton. Where you know, people fish and there is like one set of stop lights in town. I really wasn’t aware that people would go in to see someone and have fat sucked out of their body?

Everybody Laughs.

Ray: I just…that just blew my mind! You know, I was just brought up with a work ethic and figured if you wanted something, and you wanted to achieve something, What you did was found someone that had achieved that thing, and you learned from them, and then you put yourself to work on those techniques you learned. It’s a sure fire process to achieve any goal, whether it be finances, or life partner, or achieving weight loss and optimum health. You just find someone that knows more than you do and you replicate their process.

Larry: You talk about some of the claims of products that are sold, but also talk about claims of people that sell supplements and other diet plans. Usually the claim is made on some type of time frame. You know, “Lose 100 pounds in six months”, or something like that and I’m not saying that that is not possible but it seems like you have a more realistic approach. That if you have a hundred pounds to lose, its not going to be overnight. It’s going to take a while. But how quickly can you start seeing results with your plan? I don’t mean when you see all the results of the plan. You might not see all the results right away, but how long before you see anything at all?

Ray: I had a hard time writing my sales page, let me tell you Larry.

Larry: Your what?

Ray: My sales page for my book.

Larry: Oh, o.k.

Ray: Because I sell it online too. And…looking at all the big copywriters you always see this, “Give me 5 minutes and I’ll show you how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days”, and “Take our pill for one week” and “Burn the fat” for so….whatever…and I just couldn’t buy into it because there is something inside me that just said that was manipulative. Because it wasn’t true. Because I know, when you start a program, like my program Fat to Fit for example, the body needs some time to adjust. Its usually two, well, you’ll feel different in the first week, you will start to feel tighter and leaner in the second, and the visual changes will really start to happen in the third. After the third week you really start to see the scale move. So on the fourth week, that’s when things really start to happen. What’s tricky about this is that some people just cant wait four weeks. So how you do that safely is to just cut out a few of the carbohydrates, the simple ones. You know, the pops, the chocolate bars..

Larry: Right..

Ray: What will happen, right away, and it will make you feel incredibly different..is that the water that is attached to those carbohydrates in your body will start to shed out. And you lose that water weight, and you get some instant feedback and its not bad for you at all. It spurs you to get onto the real permanent changes, which is the real key to this program. Because I don’t want anyone to just go on this program and lose weight for a couple of weeks and go on vacation, feel great and come back and then balloon up another ten over what they were.

I want everything that happens to be permanent, safe and for them not to feel terrible while they are on it. And that’s the way the Fat To Fit Program was designed.

Larry: I want to tell you something that I heard at the theme park here in Florida. And this is a natural theme park, it’s a state park actually and uh…Do you know what a Manatee is by any chance?

Ray: Did you say a Manatee?

Larry: A Manatee. Do you know what that is?

Ray: Ya! Used to be misidentified as mermaids.

Everyone: Laughs

Larry: Ya, and we can’t figure that one out either. And I don’t mean to insult you but when I was not living here, I did not know what a Manatee was so I just figured it was only one of those things you knew if you lived around here.

Ray: Oh, you know what? I have to say something right here, right quick, cause I just brought it up.
But when I sell books, I actually give 10% away to the world wildlife fund so that’s probably why I know what a Manatee is…laughs*

Larry: Wow, that’s great. Well the Manatee are slow moving vegetarian animals and they swim in the cool waters here and sometimes seek out warmer waters and as a result of that, boats hit them. As a result of that, we have groups around here that try to rehabilitate them and make them better.

Ray: Ohh…..o.k,

Larry: Some of those that are never going to get better enough to go back in the wild stay penned up and that’s where we go to look at them.

Ray: Um hum..yeah.

Larry: For those locally, its in Homosassa springs. Now in your book you say, “If it’s made by man, its banned”. The best food to eat is made by God is basically what you are saying. Right? And I agree with that 100%

Ray: Right

Larry: The reason I’m bringing up the manatee’s is that the park ranger was demonstrating the feeding of the manatees he said, “You might notice that these manatee’s are fat”.

Ray: Laughs

Larry: They are about a 1000 pounds overweight! And these manatees don’t eat anything but vegetables. So you can overeat even on the right foods.

Ray: Um hum..

Larry: Have you ever heard that before? That you can throw out all the Twinkies and throw out all the man made stuff and eat only vegetables but you can still stay heavy if you are overeating.

Ray: Yeah, ahhh….*pause, it’s a little bit different for humans. Because the whole point behind the “made by man, banned” sort of thing is that some of the foods that we make and package are so incredibly calorie dense that you cant eat very much of it without going over your daily caloric needs.

Larry: Thats right..

Ray: And when you go over what your body needs in any given day, you will store it, and when you store it, that’s fat. You want to stay within the two little red lines there of what you need. What’s too much and what’s too little. What’s too little is a whole other ball of wax, because the whole “too little” thing is just as bad as too much. But when you go with foods that are made from the earth such as anything that walks, or swims or clucks or moo’s or anything like that and the plants that grow…they’re not so calorie dense. So you can eat more volume and feel full and not have that, you know, starving feeling that is common to so many diet plans.

Larry: Yeah, huh…

Ray: That’s why, well you read the book. It’s all in there…

Larry: Yeah, the book includes…One of my favorite things about the book is truly one of the things you said earlier. It’s that you have exercises in there that do not require you to buy special weights. Nothing wrong with weight lifting, I’m sure you do you share of it don’t you?

Ray: Ya, I do because, ahhh, cardio is fantastic to kind of catch up on the mistakes you made..Well to keep your heart healthy first of all, but basically to burn off a bit of that excess, at the time that you are doing it. But weight training puts on muscle mass, which is biologically active, o.k. Now what I mean by that is that in order for it to stay on you, it needs to burn calories to stay there.

So the resistance training is so important because not only does it change your silhouette…I mean you could be skinny, but the bumps and lumps of a nice bum…I don’t know what the limits of what I can say on air, but..

Larry: You’ll have a nice bum…

Ray: Yeah, you’ll have a nice bum and arms that aren’t just sticks. That is all caused by your resistance training.

Larry: A bum? Buns, is that what you said Robin?

Robin: Buns!

Ray: Bum, Buns…Buns of steel!

Larry: Laughs

Ray: And so the thing about resistance training or even high intensity interval training, which is a different form of cardio training which I describe in the book, is that it elevates your metabolism all day long. So when you train in that fashion, you get so much more bang for your buck because even when you go home and you do get sucked in by the couch monster..You still have more calorie burning going on per hour then someone that only does just cardio.

Larry: oohhhhh…

Ray: See? Its important stuff, eh?

Larry: WOW. Good to know and like I said in the beginning, everything you have in the book rings true. And you don’t really need a lot of information to be really successful. And that’s why I think the book isn’t really, really thick. It’s a short book. What did I say? 150..155 pages?

Robin: And what’s really intriguing about it its that, like both of you were pointing out. It always goes back to the elementary school days when you worked with what you have. You don’t have any excuses and you can actually help your body by doing something like jumping jacks or sit-ups on your living room floor. Half hour a day maybe.

Ray: Yeah, well I called the book, “Fat to Fit – They Journey” because you really have to enjoy the process. You know, because a lot of people think, and a lot fitness guru’s will say “Its my way or the highway”. And I’m not saying that. I’m showing you a way that works. It’s the way I have tested on all my clients over the years and its..its from information that has been done over and over again by weight loss coaches and so forth…But it’s a journey and you need to figure out which is your most enjoyable method of getting to where you want to go. And for most people, like I said, its what you used to do when you were young.

You don’t need to spend hours inside the gym when it’s beautiful and sunny out. I mean, you could go out with your life partner and do some roller lading. You could do some kayaking, some rock climbing….and enjoy life because that’s the whole purpose of being fit and having a healthy bodyweight! It’s to get more out of life. So you don’t want your exercise program to be something that decreases the quality of your daily life!

Larry: Ray Burton is our guest and the book is called “Fat to Fit – the Journey”. How does someone get this book? This is a really no nonsense book. I mean it will give you some real good ideas on what to do as a daily routine. Not in just what to eat but some daily exercises to do. Where do we get the book?

Ray: Right in the books section of my website RaymondBurton.com and its an instant download if you want it right away.

Raobin: Excellent!

Larry: Oh wow!

Ray: Yeah..

Larry: Just look in the books section on your website RaymondBurton.com

Ray: Yup

Larry: Ray, thank you so much for being on the air with us today.

Ray: Larry and Robin, its been a true pleasure, thank you for having me.

Robin: And it’s most wonderful that you are donating 10% of your proceeds to wildlife preservation.

Ray: It’s a very tender point in my heart. Umm…I love animals and uhh, I cant think of a better place to send a little bit of love…*laughs*

Larry: Nice getting to know you. You sound like a really nice guy. Thank you so much Ray.

Ray: Thankyou guys, thankyou very much.

Robin: Thanks Ray

Ray: Bye-Bye

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