Define Bookish – My Reading List

Define bookish please… “It’s a person or way of life that’s devoted to reading and studying rather than worldly interests.”

“I see… Well that’s me then. Bookish Ray Burton.”

When I read the following passage by Ryan Holiday, I thought, “Totally! Me Too!”

“My whole life I’ve been looking for, reading, and taking notes on books that can teach me things. How to live. How to learn. How to find happiness. How to understand the past. How to prepare for the future. How to succeed. How to manage relationships. How to be a good person.”

After reading that I switched this site over to a recommended reads and book lover site. (The fitness blog and how to get started working out series is still here in it’s own section)

From my ever expanding book shelf, I put together a private email list of book recommendations. Each month, I send one email with a couple amazing books that I read, reviewed and think you’ll like. I may even include the occasional stinker and why I thought it was so bad.

The goal of the newsletter is to recommend books that have the power to change your life. Ones that you almost feel sad when you finish because now, you’re different. You learned or have new feelings about things.

When you sign up I’ll immediately send you five all-time favorite recommendations from MY WHOLE LIFE.

If you comment on this blog or reply to my emails I send you, I will respond. I get and see every one of them and I enjoy seeing them.

Also, I support my reading habit with Amazon affiliate links because Amazon is usually the cheapest and they drop books at my front door. But I love my independent book store as well and go down to find the ‘surprise’ book I never knew existed (you know, the one that smells like grandpa aftershave). So if you want to support your local bookstores, please do! If you are in Calgary Alberta Canada, I suggest FairsFair used books.

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