How To Get A Bigger Upper Body At Home Without Weights

squats and chins for a bigger upper body at homeHow to get a bigger upper body at home using bodyweight exercises is todays question I’ll answer. It’s an easy one, so this will be a pretty short article. As far as only the exercise part of the equation, all you need to know about getting a bigger upper body at home are these things:

  1. Progressive resistance
  2. How frequently to work the muscle or better stated, how much rest it needs.
  3. The rep range you should be working in
  4. Exercise Selection – The actual exercises you are going to use

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What Are Some Bodyweight Back Exercises Without A Pull Up Bar?

I’m going to give you some bodyweight back exercises without a pull up bar today. Why? Because most times when you are away from the gym and you want to work your back, a bodyweight exercise like chin ups or pull ups are recommended. But what if you don’t have a pull up bar? What do you do then for a back exercise?
bodyweight back exercises no pull up bar
I’ll give you three scenarios and fixes to make sure you can find a great back exercise to do that will give you an excellent back workout.

  • A list of 10 alternate bodyweight exercises for the back without a pull up bar
  • Find a substitute for a pull-up bar
  • Create a pull-up bar

Case One: 10 Alternate bodyweight exercises for the back without pullup bar


  • Reverse Pushups
  • Towel Rows
  • Under The Table Rows
  • Towel Door Chins
  • Door Chins
  • Superman Back Extension (can be weighted)
  • Bodyweight Pullover
  • Reverse Planche Lean
  • Dragon Press Variations
  • Dolphin Pushups

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Calisthenics For Fat Guys – A Complete Calisthenics Weight Loss Plan

Lets talk about calisthenics for fat guys today… and give you a complete calisthenics weight loss plan to get started at home using only your bodyweight.

Getting started with calisthenics for fat guys is going to look a lot different than you see on social media. If you are really heavy, you may have to start very simply (simple not easy) with progressively longer walking, progressively increasing numbers on get-ups and increasing sets and time on bear crawls.
hill walking is excellent calisthenics for fat guys
I did this with a guy that was over 400 pounds and he was losing on average 10 pounds a week when combined with pre-made healthy whole food meals.

He worked hard, stuck to the eating plan and blew my mind. He also found a girl and got engaged less than a year later.

One of my best training stories. So if you are a fat guy, don’t get discouraged… just get started and stay in it for the long haul.
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What’s A Great Lower Body Workout Without Weights?

man lunges in lower body workoutI get emails from people who don’t have a gym membership that ask what’s a great lower body workout without weights? This is an easy one to answer because I prefer to train at home too!

A great lower body workout without weights includes movements for:

  • The Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Calves
  • An all round lower body movement that includes the glutes

These movements look like this…

An All Round Lower Body Movements That Includes Glutes

For all round bodyweight leg exercises we have:

  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Jumping Squats (for distance and height)
  • Lunges (multiple directions)
  • Jumping Lunges
  • Pistol Squats
  • This is just the tip of the iceberg

If I had only one exercise and 10 minutes to get in a lower body workout, I’d do the following. (I’ll give you a more complete workout at the end)

This one of my favorite leg exercises you can use in a home workout routine. The exercise is called the single leg squat and requires only your bodyweight and no exercises equipment. It’s sometimes called the pistol squat or simply pistols as well.

I don’t know if it’s that people are tired of commercial gyms or the fact that people are so short of time that they can’t make it to the gym but more and more people want to workout these days without equipment and in whatever location they find themselves. I think that’s great because the more you can make exercises fit your life style, the more likely you’ll keep at it long term.
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The Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercises VS Weights

sniper showing benefits of bodyweight exercisesI get asked a lot about the benefits of bodyweight exercise vs weights because more and more people don’t have time to hit the gym. Because of this, they are abandoning the big box workout facilities and looking for other workouts that can be done closer to home. If this is you, I’m going to answer if bodyweight exercises be able to provide you with the results you are after.

Over the last dozen years or so I have made the switch to 95% bodyweight only training for a number of reasons and I’m not alone. Here are just some of the benefits of bodyweight exercises.

  • Location Free
  • Time Efficient
  • Less Expensive
  • Feels Easier On Injuries
  • Real world application of strength and mobility

I’ll expand more on these below.

During my time in the military, we were often either in the woods with nothing around us or stuck in an Atco trailer while on tour of duty. In either case, we needed workouts that work but our location and time available where out of our control. We had to get and stay in top shape where we were and in the time we had available. There would be no 45 minute drives to the gym to get stuck in traffic, snow or what not. Bodyweight training is perfect for this.
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Does Bootcamp Get You In Shape? Try This Military Boot Camp Workout

Does boot camp get you in shape? It doesn’t matter if you are talking fitness bootcamp or the real military boot camp – the answer is yes. Try this military boot camp workout below for a couple weeks and tell me it ain’t so.
Does boot camp get you in shape Yes
Developing strength for the army will mostly come down to the ability to be able to use your body easily on any plain of movement. Occasionally you will need to lift heavy objects like motor base plates, ammo boxes, different calibers of machines guns and of course in the worst case scenario, people. Seldom do exercises like bench presses serve a purpose. Bodyweight movements like chins and dips or better yet muscle ups that will help you lift yourself up over something are more what you need.

When we’d go on exercise out in the field there was always something that would come up where strength played a key roll in getting the job done. It could be as simple as having enough grip and back strength to free a stuck cocking handle on your C6 GPMG. You never know when you will need to help re-track a M113 or move some tires for a LAV and that’s just to start. Computer-generated scenarios of an invasion of Western Europe have had artillerymen loading from 300 to 500, 155mm-howitzer rounds at 95-lb pounds a piece while moving from 6 to 10 times each day over 8 to 12 days.
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How To Get Strong Like A Gymnast Training At Home

get strong like this gymnast on the parralel barsGymnasts are some of the strongest athletes on the planet and they get that way using almost 100% bodyweight training exercises. So how do they do it? While the topic of building strength in gymnasts is large enough to fill several books, I’ll give you a real quick version of some of the methods below.

Progressive workload is when you increase over time either resistance on the muscle or the time the muscle is under resistance. What this does is stimulate the muscle and then allow it time to overcompensate by becoming stronger so that it can handle more resistance for a longer period of time in the future.
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Bodyweight Workout Plan At Home For Beginners

bodyweight workout plan at home for beginnersToday we are going to cover how to do a bodyweight workout plan at home for beginners for all the people who are just starting to work out. Good for you! I think that’s awesome because I know in the beginning it all seems a little overwhelming. That’s o.k. I’m going to share with you below, some really great stuff on how to get a quick, efficient and above all effective beginner workout plan in the comfort of your own home!

There are a ton of ways to structure your bodyweight workout plan depending on your time available and the way you mentally like to do things. You should also take into consideration your recovery abilities when you look at these three following workout splits. All three workout splits are very common.
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Pistol Squats For Beginners – How To Start Doing Pistol Squats

Pistol squat demonstration

I’ve wrote about my pistol squat progression before and you can read how I came back from injury to be able to do pistol squats again. This article is over 3000 words and will be a complete guide on how to start doing pistols squats for beginners.

The one leg squat or pistol is one of the most awesome exercises ever because it’s kind of like the handstand where, when you do it people go “Hey! That’s cool!” Then they try it and fall over. So lets show you how to start doing pistol squats with three simple requirements or escalating steps if you will – to getting your pistol squat accomplished in a month or less.
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How Much Muscle Can You Gain With Bodyweight Exercises

This post will answer the question of how much muscle can you gain with bodyweight exercises. I want to cover this because a lot of people still believe that going to the gym to lift with machines and barbells is the only way to gain muscle. That’s just not true and here’s why…
Muscle Gain With Bodyweight Exercises
The question of how much muscle can you gain using only bodyweight exercises is a bit of a mixed one because building muscle mass is the product of both specific training methods and nutrition. So if you want to build more muscle mass while only using your bodyweight to do your exercises the following three points will be very valuable information for you.

The three big points you want to make sure you have covered for building more muscle mass are:
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